A letter that needs no stamps

I wish to write, update here, each day, every drunken night.

I understand the cliche involved in liking your posts to invite you eventually on my page. You guys respond. I have been bragging about it to my mom who thinks I am wasted.

I am 7 days new to word press. Since then, I’ve created a twitter, stumble, pin, linkedin account. I too receive my share of advice like you.

By the way did you come across Velda or Helda on chat “Can i help you?”. Ah, She is so cute but have faith, I behaved myself.

So here’s the thing. Your likes matter, a lot. That’s what feeds a poet, a writer, any artist.

It’s an humbling experience to come across better writers, photographers on WP. It’s an honor to share my works with you.

Thank you very much.



P.S. Every picture and poem is mine unless specified. Ask my girlfriend who on that ill-fated moment (she thinks) bought me a camera and a laptop.

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