Bad Attitude

ranthambore 1

Ranthambore National Park.

Visiting a wild sanctuary, reporting time 7 am, is not my style. I’m happy with my regular bar, 7 pm, happy hours, wild animals you find there too. But I had bought myself a new camera and I owed a service to my friends on social sites.

We stood there quietly as instructed by the local guide. I was a bit irked with a mild hangover and the “No Smoking in the Park” sign but I was amazed at a rare sight of over a hundred people in solemn silence. We looked good.

Just then our guide whispered “Tiger Tiger”

“WHERE…WHERE” our bewildered eyes, scanning the park from right to left and back.

“Shhhhh, there….there”

“WHERE WHERE” We bellowed in unison again.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh” He yelled “THERE”

We turned to our angry guide. His eyes wide. brows raised, his one hand stiffly pointing in a direction. We nodded just like in kindergarten class and traced the invisible line of his pointing finger.


There, We noticed black stripes advancing from behind the deep bushes. My camera ready for action, my hung-over head froze in splits on a dull summer morning.

Guide rectified “That’s a tigress”

Thank you. Who really had the balls to find that out?

She kept coming closer, walking towards us but not once she cared to look, acknowledge presence of over a hundred people gaping at her.

My one eye pressed shut and the other one glued to the viewfinder, my camera on sports mode, I could hear a million clicks triggered in random. So was I.

She stopped. I guess we were in middle of her way.


“Get going” She snapped at my camera, looking away

“Get going you miserable fool” she twitched

“I’m your fan, Ms.Jolie. I came all the way here to admire your magnanimity. Take pictures of my up close and personal encounter with you”

She snorted as she changed her path but I was determined to convince her of my sincerity.

“I am poet, a photographer, aspiring artist”

She looked away “Everyday a bunch of jerks like you land up here, from far and beyond. Go on, take pictures, transfer them to your laptops and upload. That’s all you guys are here for.”


She was gone, out of our sight and ones with camera got busy checking on playback. You never know. Life is a bitch.

I got home to my laptop, viewed her on screen, just like you right now. Earlier through my viewfinder, then on playback but not with my naked eyes.

52 thoughts on “Bad Attitude

  1. Wow! Quite a close encounter.. your first with a wild one? Love that last shot.. we look like caged animals before the magnificent tigress.. the boring humans with their machines and their gadgets.

  2. Hii! This piece has a wry quirky sense of humor and I loved it Tyvm for sharing!
    It has been couple of years now, that I too realized the hollowness of trying to capture every moment – not so much as a remembrance for my own keepsake but with some sense of immediacy or inexplicable compulsion to ‘post on FB’… May be I am just growing old and weary..or perhaps just seeing things for what they are… It is my life and my moments to live up; and it simply doesn’t make a rat’s ass difference, whether or how others react to my way of living and I won’t do anything differently for this isn’t an orchestrated performance to gain approval.
    Just one thing- had you toyed with an/or a few alternative title(s) for the piece?
    Looking fwd to more..

  3. to busy wording the share to enjoy the moment. a kind of a UN simultaneous translator running in our head taking out our sensory resources and preventing us from being fully and totally aware in the present moment. missing out on life by reporting it live. it is something we all are doing. it is the culture of this time

  4. I am so cross. Life is not a bitch if you got to see a tiger 😉 C’mon!!!! You know, our next to next generation might learn it as an extinct species…so 😀

    But yea, great post and awesome clicks *someone can now brag about a new camera huh* 😉

    ENJOY 😀

  5. I have often noted the ridiculousness of experiencing my life through a viewfinder. What memory are we preserving if we never participated in the original event? A hypothetical question, as I don’t see myself quitting my shutterbug habit – but I do cut back from time to time.

    I love your writing – so honest.

    • Exactly. knowing is good enough.
      and course, can’t deny a life through viewfinder. That’s what makes our world, we create.
      Thank you so much for your appreciation. A writer is elated with a beautiful comment of yours.

    • Thank you Sydney. Your observation is so true. It is humbling to read some great posts from blogger-friends. So much to learn and share, it’s a sea of knowledge out there.
      Warm Regards

  6. A great piece of writing Arjun, and an amazing experience you had. I loved the analogy of the tigress as a celebrity and yourself as paparazzi, and also the twist in the end when you said that you hadn’t seen the tigress with your the naked eye. We are all so obsessed with ‘capturing’ the moment we never actually experience it. Well done!

  7. Una palabra no dice nada
    y al mismo tiempo lo esconde todo
    igual que el viento que esconde el agua
    como las flores que esconde el lodo
    Una mirada no dice nada
    y al mismo tiempo lo dice todo
    como la lluvia sobre tu cara
    o el viejo mapa de algun tesoro
    Una verdad no dice nada
    y al mismo tiempo lo esconde todo
    como una hoguera que no se apaga
    como una piedra que nace polvo
    Si un dia me faltas no sere nada
    y al mismo tiempo lo sere todo
    porque en tus ojos estan mis alas
    y esta la orilla donde me ahogo,
    porque en tus ojos estan mis alas
    y esta la orilla donde me ahogo


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