15 thoughts on “love in the time of wordpress

  1. Your perfectly illustrated examples may find their way to my blog. I, too, have a limited number of followers, and being Freshly Pressed made little difference. In fact, it was a nuisance.
    I am always stunned when I read a blog with poor writing and hundreds, if not thousands of followers who actually take the time to ‘like’ the blog post.
    We live in a world of small, muddy puddles. Hmmm… Maybe there’s my next blog post.

    • That is news to me. I was under the impression, freshly pressed is the highest recognization for any blogger on wordpress.
      Being a poet, I avoid visiting Poetry section now. In the midst of mushy, heart-broken poems rolling out 30 in a minute, how do I find you ?
      It’s a number game. Do read my post ‘Adagio’. I summed up my 21 days of blogging.

  2. I wrote this http://seapunk2.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/things-to-consider-about-being-freshly-pressed/ and a follow up to it.
    I appreciated the surprise of being FP, but since my blog is a mix various points of view and subject matter, it didn’t help much. I’m glad that I made so many people laugh and that, by itself, was reward enough. I’m a one hit wonder, so to speak.
    You may strive for being FP, and it may result in the right kind of reader for your excellent blog in the long term.
    I will read your Adagio. Thanks.

  3. this is me, I think that is why my reader is not working, I am following to many
    that second photo is so touching and perfect…it is ok to have less followers
    along as they are beautiful souls like who love you 😉 (who are they?)
    first photo: my brother when we go to a concert or a place with a lot of people he always says
    “I wonder where all those people live” joking now I wonder where you took that picture?

    • I have a reason to believe WordPress is on purpose messing with Reader. To give me heart-burns 😉
      Your brother is right. World is “full” of strange and interesting people and it just doesn’t stop.
      If you google “Hemis Festival” you’ll find loads of images. It happens once in a year at Hemis monastery, Ladakh.

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