16 thoughts on “SPF 5 +

      • I noted that you included ‘opinion’ in your selection above. Though I believe most of us can be sensitive or reactive because of the opinion of others, there are times when the ‘opinion’ will cause revolutionary behavior, or, positive change, ultimately.
        Sadly, most human beings seem to have lost the ability or potential to smash down greed and power hungry sub-humans.
        I feel sorry for your hurt. I feel your pain, from where I sit.

        • Exactly the reason why I included ‘opinion’ especially in context with Indians. We are oversensitive to opinions cause we know are in the wrong. It’s a defense mechanism of sorts. Keep aside politics, child abuse, rape, snatching away land from ignorant farmers, disparity between rich and poor, It’s frightening to think what’s to follow.
          Politicians have skillfully kept us divided in the name of religion, caste and social status rather than love for the country. Revolution is out of the question, hence the worry.

      • and maybe that’s why your eyes are so sad.
        The wars are always bad. Revolution is an act of immense endurance.
        The Indian, without a shadow of doubt, it is a country rich in substance spirituale.Le currents of thought are always directed actions of love incredibly large.
        India has a great spirit. E ‘unthinkable for us Europeans accustomed to consume the superfluous. The beauty that is in the eyes of children and their sacrifice is priceless. Are u great people growing and growing. takes time. When everything is ripe, the poor will have their great justice.
        Ignorance will end. It ‘s my wish.

        I am a small soul. And they are not able to pray because God no one got it. but I love and respect the good thoughts and do not hurt anyone.
        Are not blessed but a good pesona you. I have my own crosses to bear and try to do it in the best way.
        Give a smile or giving small hope is a good deed.
        You hug


        • Vento,

          I have read your comment over five times wondering what should I reply. I got no words
          It is true, Europe and America feels devoid of culture, religion, belief but that doesn’t makes you less human
          You have your own cross to bear
          You love to make me cry, isn’t it?
          I won’t smile
          it hurts
          it hurts when I smile

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