To whom it does concern

After 5 years of writing and 21 days of blogging, it’s obvious, one could thrive for a number game  for likes and followers or just be.

Though latter seems ideal, not an easy road, which takes me back to a resolve I concluded some time back when it dawned upon me, there are two kinds of artists. One who are born to rule, be worshiped, the shining stars. And there are ones who go on in their pursuit of learning and doing, incessantly under a candle light, in the corner of a dark room.

That being said; a need to let go off my stuff in the public domain, a journey it deserves (A good friend’s advice that made sense) I, each night remind myself, I am but a medium and nothing more.

I have erred, out spoken as candid as my writings and my pictures. I have no qualms admitting I am more infamous for my drinking than my black pukes(poems) and some random pictures, I write this post believing, three weeks of blogging taught me good.

Thank you for your support and be assured I am here only until you want me around.


P.S – Mirrors don’t lie and every time I stand before one (few pegs down, of course) I hear a subtle whisper “I love you”

12 thoughts on “Adagio

  1. Though wrought with melancholy, longing and hidden, contemplative thought, I found this post crushed my heart, put pressure on my chest. I may answer this one, in my own words, point of view, position in the world.
    More than a little poignant.
    Truly, you must laugh more, make fun more, find humor if you can. For deep thinkers, it’s the only way to survive.

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