one night stand

picture courtesy – annelize bosch


in wildness
tanked up mindless
we kindled selves
that lustful night

nested by passion
we were childlike
pained by our past
jiving for madness
righteous or not
neither cared less

we escaped some eyes
we let some catch us blind
kissed blood bursting out
our throbbing hearts
we freaked wild

next morning
we parted


24 thoughts on “one night stand

  1. Here is one I wrote several years ago that touches on a similar theme…
    Strangers dance with strangers,
    seeking comfort in the sway
    of arms and legs so warm and bold.
    Forget tomorrow’s dangers,
    Last call is on its way.

    The rules are clear and cold,
    a pleasure brief, the only goal.
    Surnames remain unknown,
    as dancers lead each other
    to a place not one calls home.

  2. It’s tight, I like it. Prior heartfelt comment notwithstanding, I think you can almost make do without the final interrogation. I especially liked “jiving for madness”, but then, I myself am quite mad, so possibly not the best person to provide input.

    Keep at it. You want to write lots and lots. You have a gift.

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