Darwin is confused

On laptops next to the webcab, there should be an inbuilt breathalyzer.
Moment user logs on, it should instantly warn

Dear User
You are drunk
Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is 8
Any sort of correspondence on a social platform can be hazardous

Black Screen.


Logging off computer

Press cancel to pay your credit card bills

For Asians
Press cancel to buy official version of Microsoft.

32 thoughts on “Darwin is confused

    • A friend on mine bought a new phone. First thing he does is download apps, facebook to begin with. After Installation a new page appears, Step 2 : find your phone contacts on facebook. He click on find friends, great feature he says to himself and sends multiple requests. One of the recepients, probably didn’t know my friend and I would like to believe so, finds it inappropiate behavior. He choses not to decline the request or ignore it but reports my friend to facebook admin.

      Swift action from facebook follows and my friend is thrown out of facebook both from his laptop and phone simultaneously. He tries logging in. Twice he fails. Third time a message appears “Do not send friend request to someone you don’t know”
      1. Cancel all friend requests
      2. No, keep requests where I have common friend

      I assume in times ahead we will be rated for behavior, conduct, language and accordingly monitered. Probably we already are, as I write this.

      • It appears that “big brother” is a bunch of tech nerds. ( no offence intended – tech nerds) Social media has become our news media. tweets are our jungle drums, and yes – every word is monitored. I think I’ll go read a book. (a real book with pages I turn)

        • Last two days they have been updating new features, what friends can see on my profile and what they can’t. Hideous.
          I am quite notorious on facebook though. It’s my scrap book. My poems and updates when ignored, not liked by my friends, I take that as a sure shot hint, I got a winner -) Damn real friends, my virtual friends here are priceless and truly supportive.

    • Success beyond imagination does makes one feel like big brother. That’s one of my points.
      Broader observation is we are under scrutiny, that’s my hunch. Vulnerable to unfair checks.

      Thank you. I’m glad you had your share of fun.

  1. I would definitely buy that Alcohol-warning- Breathalyzer- warning system, if it ever came to the market. Have made a few costly mistakes, ill-advised purchases and dire social gaffes in my time!

    • Ha Ha Ha…I was quite nervous putting this post up wondering how many out there would relate to my agony. Thank you so much. I enjoyed your comment more than writing this piece.

  2. Hehe, what a funny short.. what-ever it is ๐Ÿ˜€ This breathalyzer sounds like no fun though :-p PS: The second I saw I got my 100th follower (very very proud, yes!) I knew I was going to follow that person.. So happy it was you ๐Ÿ˜€ Very nice posts, those I’ve seen so far!

  3. Hilarious! There is such a device actually. It asks you to perform simple tasks and if you can’t do them, logs you off your computer for x amount of time….whatever the user chooses, hopefully when sober!

  4. hahaha… and what about phone calls to your ex’s after sufficient amount of alcohol in blood? should have an analyzer for phone too!
    and love the picture!

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