8 to 5


Ain’t he worn out,
Tired of his routine?
Everyday he appears
Shines bright, disappears
Only to reappear
The following day

Look at that moon
Flaunts, his borrowed light
Ramp walks a new style
Every night

One moonless night
I lost my way back home
Returned back to the bar for one more

I saw him sitting in a corner
Sulking, plugged to a charger

“Switching on? Switching off?”

Grumpy old schmuck that he is
kept staring at his empty glass

I bought him a rum, three cubes of ice
“time you took a break”

Sun slurred “this job is all i got”

42 thoughts on “8 to 5

  1. Ah, but the sun keeps good company. The creators of everything now in the universe. All the matter, the planets, the water, stone and earth, even Life itself; all star-stuff, forged in the hearts of limitless suns speeding outward towards an ultimate destiny as yet unknown.

    But, alas, one day he will be “worn out”. But by then, perhaps we will have found another sun to warm and maintain our Life.

    Fine poem. The personification of the sun is what gave humanity its first “god”. Probably a lot better than some of the subsequent deities we’ve fabricated.

  2. Google translate
    is not very good to express the concept.
    but the moon can do it. It ‘a very beautiful poem.
    .. maybe with a hint of sadness.
    And your face is.
    That’s what I perceive from your photo.

    I let my wishes here.
    the new year bring you great serenity.


    • Sei nelle braccia dell’angelo,
      Possa tu trovare
      un po’ di conforto qui.

      Mi scuso per prendere in prestito le sue parole.
      la mia risposta Γ¨ stata scritta da voi molto prima in un modo profondo di quanto mi puΓ² tentare.
      Non c’Γ¨ mai stato uno come te nella mia vita.
      Credetemi, quando stavano guardando le mie foto, stavo guardando i tuoi articoli. Avete visto il tutto con quegli occhi belli nostalgia, un po ‘fredda sembrano ora.
      Mi sento nuda davanti a te in questo momento.
      Grazie Vento

  3. One of the best things to come out of my word press community is stumbling upon the unexpected. A poet’s pen is tricky. So often the words elude the reader; coming across as pretentious or forced. Your work is neither. I look at your photo, facebook page, and profile. Scratch my head and say ” I’ll be damned, go figure” That doesn’t happen very often. Rest assured; it lifts my soul and puts a smile on my face. πŸ™‚

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