tequila sea waves jazzed
stirred by the new moon
sneaking on a sly
through the wafting clouds
shifty sand sunk us in its warm hollow
and a lonesome player
strummed his guitar, not so far away

Adagio – II


this woman I met
she wed a married man
unaware of his shadowy lies
one day he left her
with but a letter
my dear

this woman i met
she planted the seed of a man
a father of two
his wife with kids had packed and gone
for what use be of a penniless warp ?
a freak car accident, crash landed him
30 feet down a bridge, on a dry riverbed
disabled for life, abled for a potent job

this woman and her child, I met
In a coastal village of Goa
the locals whisper
“whore and her son, no tag”

“dirty dirty”
her son exclaims as he shows me
his hands smeared with sand
he loves to play on the beach

this woman i met
I’ll meet her again

a positive life


i met him once at a hooker joint
i thought so too, just like you
but he wasn’t there
to screw

in that dingy corridor
when i stepped out
after i pumped macho
my balls feeling alight
loosen up, free

he winked at me
bastard was poking holes
on the dotted rubber
with a pin sharp

one night stand

picture courtesy – annelize bosch


in wildness
tanked up mindless
we kindled selves
that lustful night

nested by passion
we were childlike
pained by our past
jiving for madness
righteous or not
neither cared less

we escaped some eyes
we let some catch us blind
kissed blood bursting out
our throbbing hearts
we freaked wild

next morning
we parted