The wheel snoozes, whirring prayers
Chirpy flags, jiving
“phat phat”

Snow weeps adios to the tranquil mountains
Trickles to their final journey
Merging in the Indus
Drafting on her marked course, silent

Shiva muses atop
The peaks, snow lathered
To cushion my creator

The patched naked moon enviously paces
Hiding behind the clouds
A cluster of stars
Chant a joyous paean in glory of my virgin abode

The odyssey of the naive wayfarers
Brown and green hillocks
Bare plateaus and barley fields
Are a thousand miles away

I yearn for the calling
“Son, come back”

Happy Birthday


jolted awake
held upside down
in the malodor of a clinical hand.

the green masked monster
lifted me back, intently staring at me.

he wasn’t alone
white clad, a green masked jury
encircled me

a conspiracy brewing in their vicious minds
behind their shadowy eyes…

where is my cocoon?
what have I done to deserve this hell?
hysterical, I screamed.

the evil forces smiled in victory
holding the culprit, awaiting my verdict…
turned to the woman on the bed
sweated out, unsteady…

i am bloodied for a crime, i didn’t commit
i cried, she smiled

benefit of doubt
they cleaned me up
wrapped me in a sheet, swamped with
laundry stink

a dark cloud hovered
held me in his arms
i had never seen him before
he never appeared before
when I cried help
amidst chaos

i jaded a smile

Black Tuxedo

Nam, Cuba, Russia
Cold lies

Iraq, Kuwait
Oil fields, worth a strike

Pak, illegitimate child
Afghanistan, drone struck

Korea, Iran
Next in line

More strikes
More stories for
Oscars and feeding minds

Mottled Night


a hooker on her first night out
is this date like other dates?
a scribble in her diary
first time…no man seemed worth the pain
i was so keen to endure
then he and another and him
And that one, o boy

tonight, she’ll bare her moans
to a man
who’ll pay her green, she needs.
“what kinda jerk am i about to meet?”

sweat laddered pot belly
porcupine hair, piercing her insides
eyes pressed shut, twitched face
pearl harbor, hiroshima, finally the cold war

she mocked often her ex-boyfriend never timed more than 8 1/2 minutes,
tonight, she got no choice but frown
if her client lasts longer than she anticipates
intoxicated, infused by a pill
she dreads

outside a shadowy hotel, neon lit
car halts
her countless thoughts pause
she turns to her pimp behind the wheel
he’s got two bits of advice for her and a threesome pack
her savior for the night and many nights to follow