Mottled Night


a hooker on her first night out
is this date like other dates?
a scribble in her diary
first time…no man seemed worth the pain
i was so keen to endure
then he and another and him
And that one, o boy

tonight, she’ll bare her moans
to a man
who’ll pay her green, she needs.
“what kinda jerk am i about to meet?”

sweat laddered pot belly
porcupine hair, piercing her insides
eyes pressed shut, twitched face
pearl harbor, hiroshima, finally the cold war

she mocked often her ex-boyfriend never timed more than 8 1/2 minutes,
tonight, she got no choice but frown
if her client lasts longer than she anticipates
intoxicated, infused by a pill
she dreads

outside a shadowy hotel, neon lit
car halts
her countless thoughts pause
she turns to her pimp behind the wheel
he’s got two bits of advice for her and a threesome pack
her savior for the night and many nights to follow

14 thoughts on “Mottled Night

    • Quite true. I asked “What would you like, if you had a, clothes.. ”
      she said “at least for a year, no men around me…just be someplace by myself, anyplace..I’m exhausted”

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