Reporting from Bollywood

Stunt Drivers in Kill Bill costume

Reference picture for costume dept.
Source : Who cares?

Back to stunt unit. No need to refer Kill Bill. Low on budget.


Not bad, after all

39 thoughts on “Reporting from Bollywood

  1. Looks like they’re having some fun!

    You are fortunate to be able to travel as you are whilst still young enough to be an active part of the world you’re traveling through. Something more that just a detached observer.

    • It’s a promotional video for a TV series. Bollywood movies are charming, just the 60’s musicals in Hollywood packed with romance, drama and songs. Indians don’t take their movies too seriously in terms of original art or story-telling. For us movies are more of an escape from reality, 2 hours of value for money, fun time.

  2. Bollywood is huge in Vancouver. Estimates put the Indian population at the largest anywhere in North America.When I was working as a manager at the Hilton a few years ago we put up the cast of a major production. Forgive me for not remembering the names of the stars – long story short; word got out and throngs (and I mean hundreds) of fans staked out the hotel lobby.
    You have a keen eye for photography it seems – is there no end to your talent?
    Vaisakhi Vancouver
    Check out these pics from last year Vaisakhi

    • Amazing pictures. Bollywood is a craze with Indians, in fact with South Asians and Arabs too. What was earlier thought to be regressive, aplenty songs and melodrama, Hollywood in 60’s but Hindi movies has now caught the fancy of quite a few Americans too. Who doesn’t want a escape from reality for a few hours ?

      • Oh man! Why do I open my big mouth? Treading softly into uncharted territory…..

        Far from any semblance of an expert; it strikes me that women in these movies are considerably more empowered than many Indian women. These movies are often love stories. I live far from India yet will attest that the “arranged marriage” is alive and well in Canada. As are honour killings, abuse, and violence towards women. Like Hollywood, Bollywood is a fantasy – which explains the popularity.

        • ha ha..It’s ok, I knew it was coming. Had to nudge you.
          No studio desires to make realistic films. Hindi films revolve around family values, drama, humor, romance and so on. Which only makes 5% of our life rest is pain and agony but in a theater you’d like to see stuff which you as an audience would dream of, yearn for. A perfect husband, loving parents and so on. That’s the cliche of commercial cinema. Too much money riding on them to give tough stories a chance. What to do?

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