30 thoughts on “Cinema

  1. And the dog watched his owners sail away
    knowing they
    had deserted him
    on the empty atoll

    Or how about:

    The dog waited in anticpation
    for his windsurfing owner
    to toss him back
    his ball.

    You pick. Happy or sad.

    • Aw! both are exciting.
      How about we merge the two ideas. We’ve known dogs as faithful, humans as deserters. What if the dog schemes his boring owners to sail away and his new picked buddy/owner surfs to him..he he..

    • I ain’t so good with sci-fi genre but I did think of one story idea. Mars along with Saturn plan to over throw Earth from its orbit and give life a new beginning on Mars and Saturn as runner-up for future sake. This dog is the only hope for Americans, who are familiar with attacks by aliens and unknown forces. Severe case of paranoia and of course, sole protectors of human race on earth.

  2. Well, his tail is up so I’m expecting him to poop. So instead, he gets swooped up by a Pterodactyl . . . and then he poops.

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