The wheel snoozes, whirring prayers
Chirpy flags, jiving
“phat phat”

Snow weeps adios to the tranquil mountains
Trickles to their final journey
Merging in the Indus
Drafting on her marked course, silent

Shiva muses atop
The peaks, snow lathered
To cushion my creator

The patched naked moon enviously paces
Hiding behind the clouds
A cluster of stars
Chant a joyous paean in glory of my virgin abode

The odyssey of the naive wayfarers
Brown and green hillocks
Bare plateaus and barley fields
Are a thousand miles away

I yearn for the calling
“Son, come back”

59 thoughts on “Ladakh

  1. “Snow weeps adios to the tranquil mountains” is so beautiful! Our mountains weep in the spring and leave only the glacier behind as a reminder that the snow will return.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Thank you for stopping by and viewing my South Africa series. It appears you have been taking a break from blogging.

  3. Just saw the poem with the photos which I missed somehow the first time– computing problems here… What a beautiful piece!! So many gorgeous images, even better than the photos which I admired so much. “The patched naked moon enviously paces Hiding behind the clouds A cluster of stars” simply perfecto– as is the image of weeping snows. God bless you and your poetry!

    • Thank you. This means a lot of me, truly. This particular poem is too dear to me.
      There was a cloud burst in Ladakh which killed over 1500 people. I was to be there then but unfortunately life had other plans. I say unfortunately because I should have been there either to die or help people who live in mud houses, that got completely washed off which is why I ended the poem “Son, come back”

      • No wonder there is so much of your big heart in the poem!! Most people would say fortunately they weren’t there. Not you. You have much compassion and that is what I took that last line to mean– that you had made such deep connections with the people, they were calling you back. Obviously you did make deep connections. I greatly admire everything about this.
        You were not meant to die. You are meant to document and describe in prose and poetry how your heart is touched. This is your talent and it is a big one. Don’t waste it. You are a chosen one. I know we are all chosen ones but some more than the rest and this is you.

        • I am no less shy than you and I also know you won’t say a word you don’t mean. Will take your comment as a sign, a message and from tomorrow, I’ll restart my writing. Been a while. Thank you and I’ll be around for my much needed inspiration which is you.

  4. Two things… One, don’t stop your photography. That is great, too, and the images and words complement and reinforce each other. And, two, what is strange is that as I was writing to you I felt as if I were being used as a mere instrument to tell you these things. Thank you for your kind words though.

    • Not a mere instrument but instrumental.
      About photography you are bang on. I bought myself a new camera 3 weeks back. Both jobs perfectly compliment each other, inspire too. One bounds me home, other one pushes me outdoors, which stimulates my mind and keeps my body active. So great, Tomorrow it is and no more thank yous. Let skip over 🙂

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