2013, Day 4 of 365


Mottled Night


A hooker on her first night out
She made out before, for love…

Is it?
A scribble in her diary
“First time…no man seemed worth the pain
I was so keen to endure
Then he and another and him…
And that one, course…followed…life…”

Tonight, she’ll bare her moans
To a man
Who’ll pay her green, she needs.
“What kinda jerk, I’m about to meet?”

Sweat laddered pot belly
Porcupine hair, piercing her insides
Eyes pressed shut, twitched face
Pearl harbor, Hiroshima, finally the Cold War
“A rod of passion
Ducks shamelessly, a lame when done…”
She mocked often
Her ex-boyfriend never timed more than 8 1/2 minutes
A Fellini bad hangover
Tonight, she got no choice but frown
If her client lasts longer than she anticipates
Intoxicated, infused by a pill
She dreads

Outside a dingy hotel, neon lit
The car halts
Her countless thoughts pause
She turns to her pimp behind the wheel
He blurts out the dos and don’ts
Hands her a threesome pack
Her savior for the night and many nights to follow…