Reporting from Kodak Theatre


Stars don’t shine
Like how you’ve been told
They’re mere bulbs
Star-shaped, lit up
What a waste!

Poor sun out-does them every morning
They appear the moment
He retires for the day

At the local bar every night
We shoot them down, random
Fools make a wish
They say it’s lucky omen

That’s not all!
They flaunt on the red carpet
In Armani, Gucci
Brands need Brands
To make fumbling speeches
Sob sob

Hold on –

Walks in the dude
Daniel Day-Lewis
Hear the applause
Watch him talk
And Meryl smiles…
Oh yes
Oh no
Oh yes

I’m such a waste!

Stoned II

In the meadows
Of her heydays
She shunned gossips
Solemn vowed, in white
I kissed her, black lies

She sat by my side
Her eyes pale
Crimson rose
In her hand
Old and frail
I’m six feet under
Far away
She left without a word
It’s always been this way

When will she die
Laugh off my sins
Kiss me again?

Marine smiled
Said “Calm down..She has”
He turned his face
Closed his eyes
And I wonder

It’s been awhile…



Twirling under the stone
Marked years
I consumed
I wonder
It’s been awhile
She caressed
Young marine’s marble

She’d visit often
Though she never acknowledged me
Just a passing glance
My oh my!

Later when she’d go
Marine would cry
Give me sleepless nights
Prayed, she finds another guy

I was jolted awake
Sound of gunshots
When the marine and I became neighbors
I noticed her for the first time
Just like the last time…

A long time gone past
And I wonder
It’s been awhile…

Fine grain


He’ll appear
One night, sly
Engulf me, unaware
In warm threads of cotton

Silence illuminating from the dark
Will hum a lullaby
Till I turn cold
Set free
A mirage

Adagio III

Picture inspired by John Todaro

Ticked away
Clocking countless
My blinded days
And dark nights

My trivial life
Seemed bliss
I fooled myself, believed
I’ll give death a miss
But love, you ain’t around
That wasn’t the plan…

O sinuous needle of fate
Gimme just a fraction of your time

A favor, my final breath
Go to our backyard
There’s a rose, still alive
Rest on its petal awhile
You have to travel miles

She’ll know
That it’s me
When she hales you in
Touch her heart
Then die on her feet