23 thoughts on ““Hello…..guess who?”

    • Ha Ha..Why should I hate you for this, in fact I’m glad you asked. Thing is in smaller towns in India, young girls cover their faces in public places to avoid any relatives, neighbors basically known people recognizing them which potentially leads to unimaginable gossip. Which also means you can’t go out on dates or meet guys in cafes but heritage sites where there’ll be tourists and locals won’t turn up. Get it?

  1. Oh, like wearing huge sunglasses and wearing a scarf ? Or maybe changing the color of hair? It has nothing to do with culture or religion? ( at least in India, if I understood it correctly) * interesting*

  2. Fantastic photo. If the woman is attempting to be invisible, to those who may know her, or anyone else who can give her trouble, she will fail, even with the head covering.
    If this were my daughter, sister, mother, friend, aunt, I would recognize her anyway, by the shape of the legs, which is obvious in the tight jeans, the feet, exposed, the posture.
    Your photo is flooded with irony, which makes it difficult to stop looking at.

  3. I grew up in a small town where if you did anything, I mean anything, your parents knew within the hour. Kept me pretty much a good girl! There were times I would have liked to be hidden!! Love the picture 🙂

  4. Your photography is beautiful and fascinating. I love the splash of blue in this shot and the person I can see in her eyes…

  5. This is such an interesting post- great shot- and also great discussion here… So you mean that covering of the women’s face is more so she will not be recognized than anything else? Like a celebrity would cover up … to avoid gossip? Did I get that right? I thought there was more of a cultural/historical reason – no? Love to learn about different cultures and traditions. Thank you kindly ~ RL

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