Adagio III

Picture inspired by John Todaro

Ticked away
Clocking countless
My blinded days
And dark nights

My trivial life
Seemed bliss
I fooled myself, believed
I’ll give death a miss
But love, you ain’t around
That wasn’t the plan…

O sinuous needle of fate
Gimme just a fraction of your time

A favor, my final breath
Go to our backyard
Thereโ€™s a rose, still alive
Rest on its petal awhile
You have to travel miles

Sheโ€™ll know
That it’s me
When she hales you in
Touch her heart
Then die on her feet

66 thoughts on “Adagio III

  1. “…If you love me – please never bring me cut flowers
    Because I know that they will die soon after a few hours
    I would feel that whatever the flowers represent
    Would be equal to the time we have left to spend….”
    Click here to see the rest.

    It took me a while to find a way to express anything even close to an adequate response.

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