Adagio III

Picture inspired by John Todaro

Ticked away
Clocking countless
My blinded days
And dark nights

My trivial life
Seemed bliss
I fooled myself, believed
I’ll give death a miss
But love, you ain’t around
That wasn’t the plan…

O sinuous needle of fate
Gimme just a fraction of your time

A favor, my final breath
Go to our backyard
There’s a rose, still alive
Rest on its petal awhile
You have to travel miles

She’ll know
That it’s me
When she hales you in
Touch her heart
Then die on her feet

66 thoughts on “Adagio III

  1. “…If you love me – please never bring me cut flowers
    Because I know that they will die soon after a few hours
    I would feel that whatever the flowers represent
    Would be equal to the time we have left to spend….”
    Click here to see the rest.

    It took me a while to find a way to express anything even close to an adequate response.

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