Reporting Valentine’s Day



Only two casualties to report. Their dates didn’t turn up.


56 thoughts on “Reporting Valentine’s Day

  1. Nice shots – at least the last two guys got to have their cool attire recorded. The trainers and the tank top are really something – I wish I could wear either. Difficult to pull off.

    • That’s my core dilemma. Every time, I think what can I pull off that no one has, startle the world. My ignorant brain assumes I’ll possibly fly someday but this…I take a bow!

  2. Picture perfect! Shame on the women (or men) who stood these men up. They obviously gave the day a lot of thought. Their willingness to be vulnerable will surely attract the right person into their life soon.

  3. So sad watching the gentleman ride off with his red balloons! I like the pink sweater! Definitely Valentine’s Day!! Wonderful interpretation with your photos Arjun! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

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