Twirling under the stone
Marked years
I consumed
I wonder
It’s been awhile
She caressed
Young marine’s marble

She’d visit often
Though she never acknowledged me
Just a passing glance
My oh my!

Later when she’d go
Marine would cry
Give me sleepless nights
Prayed, she finds another guy

I was jolted awake
Sound of gunshots
When the marine and I became neighbors
I noticed her for the first time
Just like the last time…

A long time gone past
And I wonder
It’s been awhile…

32 thoughts on “Stoned

    • Thank you Ellen!
      You see, the real beauty of life is to not meet “Prince charming” but blush each time at the very thought of him, make a picture of him in your head and not just when you are alive but beyond too cause if you find him, its over.

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