Decoding Annie Parker

Hey Guys,

My dear friend Steven Bernstein’s feature-length directorial debut “Decoding Annie Parker” starring Maggie Grace and Helen Hunt is finally finished and about to go out to the world. Here is the trailer.

“Decoding Annie Parker,” is a feature film based on the real lives of two remarkable women.
Releasing Date : Spring 2013
It is the story of Anne Parker, a sharp-witted, funny and irrepressible young woman who watches her mother, then sister, fall victim to breast cancer. When, later, she herself is diagnosed with the disease, she is resolved to fight back against immeasurable odds. The film is also the story of Mary-Claire King, the geneticist whose discovery of the BRCA1 gene and its link to breast cancer forever changed the understanding of human disease. Hers is considered one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

These two women are separated by thousands of miles, by circumstance, background and education, and yet, as told in the film, their two lives gradually intertwine until a final, singular and life changing reckoning.

Friends, I had an opportunity to work with Steven on a Hollywood film “One Night with the King” starring John Noble, Omar Sharif, John Rhys-Davies, Peter O’toole and many other talented actors. This film was entirely shot in India with Steven as the Director of Photography. A humble soul and a brilliant technician, he’s the reason, I quit smoking. We also share the same birth dates 🙂

Enjoy the trailer and spread the word.

Warm Regards

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44 thoughts on “Decoding Annie Parker

  1. This is a must see for everyone! There is so many levels to this story, but no one can understand it as well as those who sit in a doctors office. I cried just viewing the trailer! To have the courage to go against all conventional thinking and wisdom, to be considered ridiculous to think there may be a different way to view a problem is what I call courage. Your friend is brilliant – as are you!

    • In retrospect, he wasn’t just making me understand “The Evils of Smoking” with folded hands. He was initiating me, make me realize to live in awareness, experience the magic.

  2. Congratulations to your friend for such a triumph! He must be an amazing man to choose this story . . . about this tremendous struggle for so many women . . . as his first directing project. Plus, you gotta love that Helen Hunt! 🙂

  3. This is a must, will see it, what a story and the cast ;). did not know about the smokingyour temple is your body and you are taking care of it good for you 😉

  4. This is a movie that I would love to see. The story and cast are amazing. Determination and courage are 2 words that are powerful!Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Fantastic title, and excellent content of a movie. Great stuff.

    Didn’t know you were “this way inclined” (creative, creator). Very cool! 🙂

  6. looks a great film arjun, breast cancer ,man, I knew a person who lived opposite us in our street, good guy and all but when he’s wife found out she had breast cancer, he just up and left him,,,as men we have a lot to learn………………………..what part of India are you from? I spent a ot time in Tamil Nadu at Arunachala that sort of thing…cheers

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