when you are talking to yourself
in a train, peak hours
later in a hustling local bar, happy hours
and finally a real conversation
with your cat-mouse chasing feet
till you hit your bed
that’s poetry

86 thoughts on “poetry

  1. Lovely sentiment! Lovely photo! I struggle with feeling like I cannot write poetry. You’ve made me feel that I can today. Thank you.

        • Arjun, I’ve made a quite amazing spiritual journey in this life. I’ve been close to death, I’ve experienced love, loss, pain, self pity, all you can imagine…
          I write from my memories, my past, my present…
          If you look at my poems you will see that almost all are about love and almost all say that whatever feeling, one must live with passion and feel with passion.
          I am still learning and I am still growing inside, this is my journey in this life. If I have a gift, that is to feel. And I have grown it,accepted it it and given it to all. It’s my curse and blessing. I keep the curse for myself, I will try to give all the blessing part. šŸ™‚

        • Yes. People make this journey without giving a thought.
          But there are some who feel, analyze and write about this travel of spirit.. and sometimes, for short moments, manage to even drive a bit and influence their destiny šŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you’ve been seriously bitten by that poetry bug Arjun. Good! Me too. Keep them coming. šŸ™‚

  3. Wow, I never saw this photo– it is wonderful! Great patterns and the hands add so much to an already good image! I love the poem, too– the “cat mouse chasing feet.” Great stuff, Arjun!

    • šŸ™‚ I wrote a small poem for the image. Thought I’ll share with you.

      I can feel the water in my gut, a chill in my spine, warm-air clouds brewing around my ears, a rain song, my knees jazzed, Iā€™m alive!

  4. Cool. I often think about how many things in life are poetry. My dog looking in my eyes and smiling is poetry… trees swaying in the wind, is the Goddess dancing Her poetry…

    • It is my humble observation. Of many poets I have come across on WP, you think, talk, live poetry.
      In fact one post of yours in where you describe sunlight falling on the chair (Some sort of a dance, I faintly remember) is amazing!

      • I took my blogs down for a couple of days and made them private thinking that I didn’t want to write poetry on the net, and so I deleted the comments [but I kept them in my e-mail files], however, I changed my mind! lol
        I have it set to only have comments on new posts now, because it seemed rude to delete the comments that people left with so much love and then have comments open on those posts.

        • Okay. I get It! I used to do that often on fb šŸ™‚
          The delusions of a poet.
          I used to get so mad before but now I’ve found a way out here on WP at least. I started a new blog for my images, quiet pad to hibernate šŸ˜‰

          • I don’t like the bully tactics wordpress has started up with: first, if one pressed “Like” on a blog one is not following, the software was set to ask, “You and 10… people like this post, follow blog?” After that, wordpress set up the software to say on a “Like” from a blog I follow, “you like this post, want to leave a comment?”
            It was that bullying that I did not want to be a part of anymore, but I do like some of the aspects here and after consideration, the good parts outweigh the parts I don’t like about wordpress so I decided to hang my hat here, after all.

          • True. We are slaves to WP, FB or any other social platform but if we want to share, this is all we got.
            Our readers have done no harm. Keep them intact.

  5. Love the photo…I feel like these words just right now…thank your for letting me “feel” with your words and travel with intensity šŸ˜‰

  6. Arjun
    Very aptly put. I’d be lost if I couldn’t talk to myself. Of course the people I really feel sadness for are those homeless or mentally ill who talk away cause no one will usually talk to them. I have refined my answers to myself so they are less massive. I take too much time answering myself. I run out of time for other things.LOL
    Take care. You are an enjoyable writer and listener.

  7. Arjun
    I only have one question here. What is a cat – mousing chase feet? I tried so hard to visualize that one. I am guessing you meant your cat chasing a mouse around your feet or a cat chasing your feet with a mouse? Sorry the visual is hilarious!
    May you always talk to yourself as much as I do.

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