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This man i met in a bar

a government official on high post
close to his retirement
said he watches porn on the sly…

Conversation moved on to life
and he pressed his lips
voiced in a single breath
“back in the days, my wife and me
dreamed of a big house but we had not enough to buy one
we raised our family, saved money, did what was right…
thirty years gone and they are gone and and our dream…
we don’t need it”

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  1. Most don’t need a big house. Some have a big house and camp out in just a couple of the rooms. For myself our home is never big enough, books always expand to overflow any space available. ‘Twas ever thus …

    • My apologies for the late reply. I did visit your blog a few times before I write back.
      Plight of the working class to be in the race, climb the social ladder, it’s a notion they believe money/big house will secure them especially in a developing country like India where I live. By the time they realize (Most don’t), it’s too late.
      I’m glad to hear you’ve made good sense of space in your house and life.

      • πŸ™‚ With me or without me always write beautiful stories.
        Can you move, incantarem and moved by your sensitivity and love for life.
        I would also like to thank you for the beautiful photos that you post. Surely I will never see your immense land but through you I can dream about.
        And it’s a nice dream.
        I send you a huge hug

        • Scrivo meglio quando sei in giro
          Non Γ¨ un segreto. Sei un poeta e tu lo sai.
          La poesia viene da anima. Noi siamo solo il mezzo.
          E ‘mia convinzione, ci si imbatte un giorno e io aspetto il giorno.
          SarΓ² la tua guida turistica πŸ™‚
          amore sempre

  2. Hey..would you like to do a guest post on my blog? I recently started writing poems taking one alphabet as muse.. Would it interest you take an alphabet and write using it? I would love your composition on my blog..

    • I’d love to Sakshi but thing is my poems don’t rhyme and going by your theme it’s a tight rope, I’m incapable of. In fact every time I sit down to write, I plead to God, “Help me write one rhyming poem”
      It just doesn’t πŸ˜€
      On the other hand, anything you wish to pick from this blog, please go ahead.

  3. A magical image here Arjun-so many possibilities -going to somewhere, dreaming of a new something?, leaving behind someone? This is one of my favorites (and I have many!) of yours-
    and the poem-concise and true!

  4. The poem is really intense, just like your phot. Yes, it often happens in life that we dream or wish for some things and then find out that they were not really what we wanted/needed/imagined. Maybe life changes people or makes them wiser…

    • Well said, Ela! πŸ™‚
      The day gone by in retrospect too seems amiss “O, I was so stupid!”
      I have lately come to agree there is no right or wrong, good or bad, we do what we understand best. Highly debatable of course!

      • Maybe there’s no right or wrong as long as we don’t affect others, only orselves…
        Yes, all is very debatable…even if we sometimes come to point where we would feel stupid, is that not a part of our evolution? for the very moment we realise what we did not know we already know more…

  5. That is a beautiful picture Arjun! LOVE it πŸ™‚
    Wonder if the boatman in your picture too dreams of a bigger house. Hope at least all his ‘needs’ are fulfilled if not ‘wants’, for that is hardly the case with the majority of people in our country.

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