The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

My first portfolio shoot πŸ˜€


59 thoughts on “The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

  1. Why not? My son, who took photography in High school, and Uni. says the lighting was perfect, the girl interesting, but agrees with another comment, have her face the sun, unless you are striving for a silhouette, or partial.

  2. The background is beautiful and this girl is beautiful.
    I’m not good technically speaking, but I find these great photos.
    Technique is important, but so is a lot more heart, passion
    and also happiness.
    Continues to photograph … because you have a lot of heart.
    Β  the colors of the dress are magical.
    A kiss to the Little model.

  3. She is beautiful-and so are the images-I find the light and shadow conspiring to hide, yet illuminate only parts of her face-there is real emotion in these images-and so many moods-well done Arjun!

    • Thank you so much Meg. Consider this post as a blatant lie or perhaps an attempt to look stupid or a moment of bliss we don’t conceive but triggers, just like that.

  4. I think your photos are just AWESOME! I see no flaws and I don’t give a damn about the photographic rules, I care about the feeling transported by your photos. I see beauty, I see a beautiful kid and you took these photos part with the camera and part with your heart.
    So carry one, you are a fantastic photographer bro!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Aw, You are awesome! Thank you so very much. A mere coincidence, no words spoken, at least 100 ft away, this fine unusual kid spotted me with a camera and what followed are these pictures I clicked in awe!

      • πŸ™‚ Now why I never meet this awesome kids so that i can do just the same??? I envy you. πŸ˜€
        Your photos are very vivid and also there’s some hidden irony in some of them, and you are right, life is often ironic/cynical…
        You write fantastic poems and your photos are poems as well… each one worth more than 1000 words, for sure…

    • I agree with you the photos make us travel, Arjun never follow rules, they are amazing always with a story.

      Sorry to impose memyselfandela πŸ˜‰

  5. Really, really good capture of mood and flirtatiousness of this little woman. Obviously, you got her comfortable enough to get these great shots of her personality. Love the title. Do more of these. I love the photos.
    P.S. Off topic, she looks like my sister did as a young girl.

    • Flirtatiousness. Right, Ellen! That’s it. The reason there is no story to this so called shoot which was a strange unusual remarkable event in my life.
      The title if you google will reveal the lasting impact it has had on me.
      Do share off topics. I like them πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the kind words of appreciation. Photography is a reflection of our thoughts, our state of mind. The blurs and shadows conceal hidden stories waiting to be discovered than what is clearly seen in the pictures.

    • Your profile picture too seems a professional job.
      It was only after my experience with this kid, I realized the uniqueness of portfolio shoot is not to merely look gorgeous (Which was earlier my perception) but the inner beauty and deep hidden personalities of an individual blooms.

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