The Saint


I realized, not in time
To serenade you
I mute my sermon
Amuse your senses
A joy, a laugh, a tear
And before you wipe me off
I fall into your bosom

78 thoughts on “The Saint

  1. Mi resi conto, non in tempo
    A serenata
    Io muto il mio sermone
    Divertire i vostri sensi
    Una gioia, una risata, una lacrima
    E prima di me pulire fuori
    Cado nel tuo seno
    La traduzione di google lascia a desiderare…ma ho capito il senso…grazie!

    molto bella

    • Non mi rendevo conto in tempo
      di serenata voi
      Ho quieten mio sermone
      Intrattenere i vostri sensi
      Una gioia, una risata, una lacrima
      E prima pulire
      me spento
      Cado nel tuo seno

    • Me too.
      I find writing short poems really tough. Hard to hide flaws, basically 🙂
      This poem I wrote a year back and the sermon line popped in yesterday. Very funny writing is.

  2. wow the ending of the poem…
    great photo like always, I can look at this photo and think a thousand stories 😉

  3. Really nice poem Arjun, I got a sense of respect and veneration for the mother figure in society – no matter who she might be. And your photography is always stunning, and brings back good memories of the years I spent travelling in my favourite country – yours!

  4. thru this, you force me to look at and stay at the other side of my own perspective toward a figure i learnt i still condemn, the bright and soft side =)
    thank you.

  5. You capture the spirit of this woman. Saints are among us– you never know who is one. I once read that is reason to be good to everyone. The poem seems to be one of reverence, expressing the beauty of this woman– an important truth for all of us.

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