A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints


Metal detectors blare
I walk on through
Guarding men ignore
A frenzied mind
On the loose…

The signal blinks green
I climb on the train
To find a schmuck
In my window seat
I clench my teeth
Let out a bellow…
He finds his middle seat.

Obese jerks around me
Not a hard guess
Who’s to fart or snore or both
I bemoan
This is my refuge
I deserted the town
That was my home…

A young lady in her 20’s
On the berth facing mine
Married for three years, is on a trip
Alone this time.
How do I know?
She makes two hundred and sixteen calls
Half of them to inform
She is fine, aboard, missing them already
The other half to hatch her shenanigans
For the next five days
Battery died, Oops!
“I’ve few more calls to make”

She pulls out her charger
But the single plug point is engaged to mine
She looks at me, I drift away
She rambles
She gets on her feet, starts making her bed
Her arse dangles before my face
I ignore her, drop my head
She pursues, bends on her knees
Shoving her bags underneath the berth
Tonight she’ll sprawl
In front of me.

I turn to the glass window
Only to see myself and her in the reflection
Gimme a break!
I speak in silent words…

I ain’t going to see through her valley
However deep and sublime it seems
I shan’t endure, appraise my senses
The color of her skivvies.
Her long legs are a piece
But look at her arms, not waxed
She thinks she’s a blonde?!
Two out of ten
That’s all she gets
I can score better than that.

Lecherous bastards do have a few
Leftover mortal morals!

Air whistled
Engine blasted
Bukowski screamed
I bring on the reading light
“Ham on Rye”

39 thoughts on “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

  1. That’s a brilliant look at the trials of travel. I’ve had people talking so loud on their phones or just together that I learn their whole life story over the course of the trip, unable to block it out.

  2. great photo
    just like the poem
    it has a story
    with speed,
    passing by and
    making us ponder
    just like the saint a master
    like Bukowski

  3. It’s always so interesting to read your poems! I feel they are very original and different from anything I’ve read before! Which is a very cool feeling πŸ™‚

  4. My butterfly mind , got me bored of blogging , through guilt and curiosity I return. To be amongst your words reminds me why , before, I stayed – I really enjoyed just reading your last few posts , awesome stuff!

  5. you are too funny!
    I had doubts about the true meaning, then continuing to legegre had no more doubts …
    at the end you are a complete man … Note the woman with the big ass!

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