71 thoughts on “Take a Pick

  1. “Do you believe in god
    Cos that’s what Im selling
    And if you wanna get to heaven
    Ill see you right”

    Pic 1,4 & 5 remind me of this song by Phil Collins (Genesis) 🙂
    Wonderful images!

  2. Very brilliant images that say so much without all the words. I like the first one especially. The small space he has surrounded by all his wares. And yet he sits in a yoga stance, but not without the hint of exasperation on his face.
    Very nice. I am glad to be able to see images that we’d not see from our places here in America.
    It shows us things, people, emotions that are important and necessary for us to experience.

  3. I loved looking at these pictures. I am so shy when it comes to taking pictures of people but you seemed to have overcome that…thank you for sharing!

    • Trust me, I’m a very shy guy but something transforms when I pick a camera. Shameless, they say. I hear them, not really 🙂
      Thank you for dropping by. I’m glad you like them.

  4. The first picture is my favorite, the irony of the mercenary, unsmiling proprietor sitting Buddha-like amidst the similarly-positioned but happy figurines that he is selling works on several levels

    • Your interest is current affairs. So, your mind is conditioned with time and age to seek those stories effortlessly. My subject is people, their actions and harmony around them. Anybody can do it if that interests.

  5. carissimo amico mio
    perdona la mia assenza.
    Ti ho cercato e vedo che hai postato delle cose bellissime.
    Sei sempre piu` bravo!
    Appena mi connetto al pc verro` a tradurr i tuoi post.
    Mi sei mancato.
    un bacio alle tue principesse.
    un caro saluto a te
    e alla tua splendida terra.


    • Hey Shakti,

      Rarely do we get a chance to put a post open-ended. Feel free to derive as you please.
      My love for God and disparity with religion is mystifying yet congruous.

      Thank you for dropping by.
      Warm Regards

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