Human Science

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Einstein’s lesser known work
But a masterpiece
A handbook
“How to become a legend”
In this book, he researched
Thinkers, scientists, philosophers
Listed a pattern to their behavior

Highlights are as follows :
You have to be an idler
You’ve successfully reached the high points
Of excessive indulgence and self pity
“No one loves me, none understands me”

One day, you wake up in a gutter
Shaken by a pig
And you ask why?

A strange curiosity takes over
And you decide to resolve it
Though by now, it’s obvious
You’ve got nothing to lose
– A keynote to success

You figure it out
You run on the street
What do you expect?
You’ll be beaten to pulp
Of course!
Thrown back in the same gutter
Where it all began…

Don’t be sad
You are dead, better off
There sure is more…

A few decades later
You begin from the beginning
Born again
Oblivious, that a son of another mother
Has reclaimed your findings
Twisted a few squares and triangles
Here and there
The Noble man

And you
Ignorant of the greatest revelation
Will play with trashy toys
You know them from before
Sleep off,

But I pray
You never encounter
A paedophile pig
Rocking your cradle…
There’s nothing worse than that.
I’ll find a gun and kill them.

39 thoughts on “Human Science

  1. I think it’s a hard and sad story.
    Einstein was a man of simple and calm, only took from his work projected for the good of humanity.
    It ‘been betrayed by the same man who used his genius with malice.

    Killing makes guilty forever.
    Sometimes I think evil to many people
      towards their own kind and I get the urge to pay with the same coin!

    but I’m not a bad wind.
    only I become more determined not to open the heart.

    You are not’ sad, true?
    smile 🙂

  2. Very powerful poem, raw images, as life itself.
    You have a very objective insight in life Arjun.
    And it’s so true:
    “A few decades later
    You begin from the beginning
    Born again…” 🙂
    Very well written!!! 😀

  3. Great to see your poem here Arjun. I look forward to reading all the responses and interpretations to this one! You already know mine.

  4. It reminds me of other known individuals who seemed to lead such silent lives personally. A certain sadness within that almost bordered on the depressed, alone.
    Very good poem

  5. Powerful it hit me. I fear though that I miss the subtle meanings. Are you talking about reincarnation (which I do truly believe in)? Forgive me. A death in the family and my brain is blindsided. Perhaps I can write about it. Haven’t posted for awhile and know you hadn’t either. Till now. Anyhow glad you’re back.

  6. aw what can I say another masterpiece Arjun, great photo too,
    you made me read this twice and should read this a third time 😉
    and love the ending

    I have mixed feelings
    you know

  7. A very powerful poem. And interesting new photo series with its use of light and color in abstraction. Perfectly fits the poem. This and other writing by you gives me a sense of loneliness– perhaps existential loneliness for we are all alone despite our connections to others. Well done!

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