86 thoughts on “Spinoza’s Harmony VIII

  1. But Arjun, we are unharmonious creatures and agents of impertinent change. ‘We’ doggedly chase profit at the expense of harmony. Call me Puddleglum, but harmony would do well without us. I think we are, at our core, at odds with harmony. What say you?

    • Noted Sir. I’m hopeful but aware at core, only when the king will deliver, treat his subjects with justice and kindness, we’ll notice a desirable difference in human behavior. At home, when we proudly claim that our family members are loving and affectionate to each other, the reason definitely are the parents who nurture and raise their kids with right values.
      Human beings are mean and greedy is cause we’ve been hammered time and again to give in to the rules laid by Wall street and Religious heads. The Govt is their slave and we are left vulnerable with no security whatsoever. Their promises are shallow and we’ve been fooled for centuries leaving us with no choice but to kill for our family’s well-being.
      Deep down we are hurt, deprived, and left dejected and we know, this way of life is not what we truly are. We wish to be heard, cared and loved and we got no one but ourselves.
      I appreciate you taking time out to write me a thought-provoking comment.

  2. I couldn’t get your amazing capture out of my mind, it made me think of reflections – worlds away, from completely different perspectives, yet saying so much. I remembered this photo my husband took last year – look for the old woman’s face in the photo booth mirror. πŸ™‚

    Train station

  3. each mirror has a story,
    each must have balance
    like life and harmony
    beautiful instant

    great photo (s), the lens loves to capture the every day life and happiness, now I have to check all of the series on Spinoza’s Harmony

  4. hmm use of the word defy appears to insist that one has authority over another to impose a will and that a personal harmony, that of the oppressor, will be seen as a lack of harmony, and therefore, to me is not harmony at all

    Did I not understand you?

    • That you’ll pick on me is a constant. The pertinent change is to accommodate you in my life irrespective of my over-emotional self that feels hurt, sometimes.

      • I dislike that you feel hurt. I know that my intent with you has yet to EVER be to create, to cause harm, or hurt. I am powerless over your expectation of me and also of your perception that my joy in examining things and truly wanting to see the behind and the vulnerable bits of how you think, is meant to rip you down. It takes a strength to sit in that feeling and to stay and to grow.

        I have an inner hurt over not being understood and I have to work over what feels like a constant, to communicate and to engage, which is my joy. I know that the ones who bother to stick around are true companions. I thank you for being vulnerable.

  5. This IS a great picture. Beautifully caught. It took a while (and luckily not through reading the comments;) for me to realise it were mirrors because I was first wondering who the old guy bottom right is. That question remains … who is he?

    • Thank you for the kind comments Noeleen!
      I look forward to your movie. Technically much superior than your previous works! I have a very good feeling about your new creation.

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