Liar Liar

Nepal is a neighboring country of India in case you don’t know. I live in India. I guess you know.
We got similar traditions, common language, people are nice there and we like them.

Any Indian or for that matter Nepalese can work, own a property and legally stay for unlimited time in either country. The pact was signed in 1950 treaty.

Tough times, then and now with other neighbors, how many can we fight? You need sources, weapons, infrastructure to keep vigil, strike a war, recession every five years, local issues, constipation, too much to deal with, let’s make a friend.

With 81% population following Hinduism in Nepal, it’s a no-brainer.

Moreover, we outsource most defense equipment. It didn’t strike us to make a business out of manufacturing weapons. Also we have to keep a few businesses illegal or outsource. Politicians need money for elections, cars, foreign trips and Swiss bank is a common Indian dream.

Talking about outsource, the Indian Army has seven Gorkha regiments of Gorkha troops recruited mostly from Nepal. Great warriors, their contribution to India is phenomenon. Former Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, once famously said about Gurkhas: “If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.”

So that’s the background for the pictures I’ve got for you. Did we need this? I’m not sure. I was bored, thought I’ll write something before I make myself a drink.

Guilt is a bad trip. Trip to Nepal is on my mind. I strictly advice my friends to keep away from guilt. Bad stuff happens. We make mistakes. Write a poem about it and let it go. But most importantly never let bad stuff be the reason to drink. Drink and moan over past or blunders is a no no. Women? Maybe next post, we’ll talk about it.

My grandfather used to say “Alcohol is more expensive than butter (In his days)” and butter was his weakness but a drink was divine for him. So when he used to say “Alcohol is more expensive than butter” he’d take a pause and add, “So drink wisely and have a good time, music please”.

About the pictures below.
Indian cop nabs two Nepalese on a railway platform before they can board the train. Why? Just. Corruption. To extract a few bucks from two harmless souls is a win-win deal for cops. Everyday story in my country, don’t get upset. The animated conversation is a fun story in images. Enjoy the show.


In the final image, cop counts money.
End of show.

The Saint


I realized, not in time
To serenade you
I mute my sermon
Amuse your senses
A joy, a laugh, a tear
And before you wipe me off
I fall into your bosom