49 thoughts on “Kiosked

  1. These are really great shots. I would never think to take them– they are so well composed. And yet natural. Your work has inspired how I look at the city (New York). Now I begin to see “Arjun shots.” But I am too shy to take them. In my mind, if an artist can make you see art you never could see before in everyday life then that is the mark of a great artist. And that is you, my friend.

    • Hello Ellen, Hope you’re doing good. I wonder since yesterday what do I say to your lovely comment. These images, they just happen. I cannot claim this as my talent except for the fact, I’m constantly seeking human stories. Your kind appreciation uplifts my spirits, makes me want to go out and click some more. Thank you Ellen!!

      • Of course, the images are all around us. It takes a talented and artistic eye to spot them, compose them so they look pleasing to the viewer, and then doctor them in the dark room or digitally. So that is the talent and your muse is seeking human stories. It is my job to uplift your spirits and encourage you to go out and click more. I both envy your fearlessness to snap people and talent and revere it. At my age, revering and encouraging is the path to take. So click away!

    • Inhale, exhale, thoughts run by, world pass by, detached with the surrounding, trapped in the bitter mundanity of life. This is it!
      Thank you Richard. Good to see you, always!

  2. Fantastic pictures, bro. πŸ™‚
    You have a gift my dear, you always post pictures that leave space for many many interpretations… I guess the interpretation depends also on the eye of our soul…
    They remind me of being relaxed, but also of being alone… all together yet living in a world of alienation.

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