67 thoughts on “My Left Foot in a Right-Wing Ghetto

  1. Una foto che parla da sola.
    E anche se lascia un profumo amaro
    Γ¨ di grande effetto.
    Ottimo scatto.
    Ciao amico lontanissimo ma vicino al mio cuore.

  2. I always have trouble with Left and Right, Arjun,.. but I did finally sight the foot. This photo speaks volumes… so long as you speak the language that is.. xPenx

  3. too funny Arjun that guy pointing at you man he wants to kill you, good for you getting the shot at the right moment, did they do something afterwards?
    did not know about artificial leg thing

    • I stood there unabashed, took a few more pictures. They gave up on me. Though I’m aware, someday I’ll get beaten up for sure if I keep pushing my luck.
      If you Google “artificial leg Jaipur” you’ll find out.

  4. It seems not really happy with THE pict,but you took the right moment to shoot….great the sad moment with the b&w makes THE pict more strong,i love THE right and leeft ….;)

    • Thank you Peter. Always a pleasure to have you over!!
      By the way the second picture in your latest post. I keep thinking about it and more cause I’m running out of stock πŸ™‚

  5. Another great shot! So well composed under what I imagine to be the pressure of the pointing guy yelling at you. You must have nerves of steel. Take care, Arjun. Beautifully composed whatever the cicumstances and b&w perfecto.o

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