The Ideal Brain Tonic

Do what you like. Express-Explore-Consume-Innovate.
A few decades from now, our time will be termed as the Golden Era of a digital world – Swami

Good Night- A Poem by Swami

She scratches her nose
Rubs her face
And turns away
When I caress my princess in her sleep

White horses with wings
Chase a lone cloud on a cliff is
Her frequent dream

I wait with longing eyes
But soon it becomes unbearable…
I gently tap her hand a few times
She babbles, I don’t know what?!
I frown for as long!
Finally, she turns back
Throws her arm across me
Grin runs across her face
When I snuggle her tight
Good night πŸ™‚

* In case you don’t who Swami is, he’s my friend, a very dear friend and a ace blogger. After much persuasion he agreed to do a guest post on my blog. Your likes and comments are much appreciated.
What’s below? Ahem! πŸ˜€

For centuries, scientists strictly indulged in gravity, space, locomotive, energy…
Only with advent of capitalism, focus was evened out with emphasis also on tooth brush design, stain removers, instant noodles…
However, the most noteworthy evolution has been with brassiere. Just a few decades ago they were miserably dull, over protective and discouraging.

Good Morning

It’s time
Sun is on standby
Good morning
Another morning
Empty roads trigger into a freshly drawn battlefield
Honking, marching, pacing, racing
Locomotives chase
The invisible Ferrari of happiness
Red-marked lipid profiles
Crop up on the streets
Brisk walking to survive another day
Reporting rapists, murderers, filthy politicians
News bundle lands on my courtyard
It’s time…
Electrifying red transcends upon the sky
Devours the stars
I pull in the curtains dark
My eyes droopy, exhausted
Good night

78 thoughts on “The Ideal Brain Tonic

  1. no wonder you said “I’m itchy about my next post..”
    so Swami decided to post…
    the other post was so funny

    but this is so interesting

    oh boy what a tonic this is for our brains,
    and the photos, beautiful photos by the way,
    (did not know Swamy was a photographer too)
    the second one has this dark tone
    where shades are mixed
    the sign “america” against the tree, street
    a young man doing such a simple thing
    he seem so calm
    it screams

    like this…
    “The invisible Ferrari of happiness” & “the most noteworthy evolution has been with brassiere” that last one is so true and so funny.

    P.S. very good Swamy you should guest post more often I too will read between the lines with you post ;), so you have a beautiful princess

    P.S. Arjun: I thought he was your imaginary friend or your evil twin brother πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, I have a beautiful princess. Not my flesh and blood and I’m surprised that it’s irrelevant rather it makes my relationship more special, an experience of god’s presence in my life, she’s my darling angel. Swami is my notorious creation on paper but the fact remains he’s me, a part of me. However much I keep denying him, he’s constantly nudging me, to make me follow his path, he offers to teach me life but quite meanly, mocks me when I fall but he loves me and hopes one day I’ll give in to his beliefs and thereafter my writing will change, my art will change and I will be Swami no more me. That day seems not far away πŸ˜‰
      I’m not tired of thanking you, just in case you’re wondering. Thank you Doris!!

      • Man I though Swamy was going to answer in funny manner ;). Well I knew it was you, in the first post when he appear he made me think and feel sad about so many things we do all with social media and stuff, it is the Swamy in me that made me feel like that too, although he use lots of humor on that post and it is funny but man he can mock you and me. I do have to say we humans have many faces and go through many stages in life but in the end we are just that humans learning, passing by, transcending. I do not know about that last part, you not being you, I think you can stay like that with the two inside of you and if there is more well accept them, I personally like you Arjun just the way you are, Swamy or not, but do get why you say that, that part of you is somewhere else beyond this world. I like the name Swamy, it like swiming or something like that, or swam. You do not have to thank me at all, hey we are in the same boat with Swamy πŸ˜‰

        P.S. I think I know your princess, she is beautiful and loves to hold you at night and in the morning, with a smile in harmony ;).

  2. I just love both of these poems as well as the photo. So many outstanding lines…
    “The invisible Ferrari of happiness…
    News bundle lands on my courtyard
    it’s time…
    Electrifying red transcends upon the sky
    Devours the stars”
    and the first poem is a confection of images.

    • Thank you dear Ellen. I’m overwhelmed by your response. I wasn’t expecting you’ll like both so much and rather take a pick which was one of the intentions of my post. Also I was thinking we should talk today, been a while but on your blog, I’ll come by if you’re free. What say?

      • I never got this comment, Arjun, or would have said, “Sure” but we have talked since then. I didn’t get that the princess was your daughter. I thought perhaps a lover even though now when I read again I see daughter makes so much more sense. And it is very touching. Another beautiful side of you. Sorry, I can’t pick which poem I like better– both are really, really good in totally different ways. Sorry I missed this, Arjun.

  3. e dalla terra della Ferrari, ti risponde un altro sorriso e un apprezzamento grande per le poesie e la foto, mi dispiace di non potermi esprimere nella tua lingua per farti capire meglio le emozioni della mia anima ( anche io di recente ho scritto di una principessa e di un cigno)

    • Un grande grazie per le gentili parole. Mi rendo conto che la disconnessione tra le lingue. La maggior parte delle espressioni si perdono nella traduzione e quindi ho veramente apprezzato che mi scrivere comunque. Mi piacerebbe leggere la tua principessa e la storia del cigno. Avete postato su wordpress?

  4. Morning and Night.., the two at either end of the spectrum… both full of an energy and life of their own… Arjun… Swami’s poem was a delight.. and I had a wide smile on my face reading it… and your Good Morning, well, what can I say?. descriptive from daylight to curtains drawn,.. another day, with the sun on standby, .. (we have hailstones, I actually caught one.. and had a mad idea of freezing it.. ) πŸ˜‰ … The Atmospheric and compelling Photo made me reflect on differences… with America blazoned in the background… held up as an ideal, the American dream.. compared to the dreamers situation, his lot in this life.. . Wonderful post .. xPenx

    (I’m still reeling from a situation in London, a soldier, attacked in broad daylight yesterday, killed and they tried to behead him, … two men, not just the act.. ’twas the way one of them talked, calm… waiting for the police… talking to someone taking a video on his mobile… makes me wonder… at life and what it’s for… If my comment sounds odd.,. forgive me.. .. and now the sun shines, the hailstones gone as if never been.. mayhap I should have frozen one.. ) x

    • Hello Pen, I’m glad you wrote me this comment. A candid account of stuff on your mind churned up invariable emotions in me. Your thoughts on the post but the act of terrorism and more grueling is the indifferent casual attitude of passer-by that is causing your heart much anguish is overwhelming, strangely reminds me of what Andy Warhol said “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” Pardon me but I’m unable to explain why I brought up this quote….

      • Churned is a good description Arjun, and I can understand the use of the quote, .. . The murderers were using the act to highlight their ’cause’.. 15 minutes? it seemed much longer…but that hopefully is the most they had or will have x

  5. I am so very glad that your friend agreed to a guest post!!!! You have remarkable friends! And your photos are life affirming. Every one tells a magnificent narrative. Thank you for bringing joy to our community.

  6. Damn you are such an awesome writer. Your writing is like your photos, sharp, clear, colourful and very much to the point.. Excellent blog (as per usual)

  7. Hi Arjun – you are uncharacteristically and somewhat mysteriously silent in response to your reader’s comments! I love Swami’s advice on the digital age, and couldn’t agree more concerning the advancement of the brassiere. However surely these poems wre written by you! (Either that or you have been giving Swami some writing lessons) Do tell!

    • There’s nothing left to tell you about anything no more. You catch the drift without me saying a word. In fact, I’ve nothing left to hide from you but promptly hide behind you if need be.
      I’m at peace.

  8. You are both an awesome poet and awesome photographer, Arjun. πŸ™‚ And it’s not only me thinking this. I see it every time I stop by to reflect on your words and read between the lines…. πŸ™‚
    “The invisible Ferrari of happiness” is sheer genius!!!!

    • I see your posts, a few dedicated to trees and blooms not just that you bring out joy and interesting metaphors in simple, day to day stuff, which speaks of a sensitive heart and a talented poet.
      Glad to see you Dear Daffodil!! πŸ™‚

    • How can you of all the people I know say it. In fact I’d expect you to write frame by frame and share it with readers here. Don’t you thinking so? πŸ˜‰

  9. Love both of them, Swami in one way and (you) in another, you both make me thinking a lot and there for I thank you. What a beautiful picture full of everything it just varicose from there!

  10. I love both “Good Night” and “Good Morning” poems (especially when “Good Night” appears at the end of the last one, which really expresses the fact that our whole life is a never-ending circle …). Thank you so much for following my blog (I’m really happy that we share the same “Choco” theme !). Chocolatey greetings from Marseille, France !

    • That’s exactly was my thought. We share a common theme. I’m glad you came by. Thank you very much for your kind appreciation.
      Poetic greetings from Mumbai, India !

  11. ..quanto amore nelle tue risposte e quanta dolcezza trovo nei commenti dei tuoi amici blogger.
    Un vero peccato che le parole siano quasi stravolte dal loro originale significato…ma io riesco a sentire i tuoi profumi e per questo mi sento molto fortunata.
    Che il vento possa portare tanta serenitΓ  e infinito amore a te e a chi ti ama.
    Un bacio alla tua Principessa.

  12. There are so many things I liked by one..line by line..:) Superb! ( Sorry, I am just out of words these only superb , but that ,for your blog ,means any good adjective with superlative degree!) I loved the last picture the most..It has many meanings..and then the line followed “For centuries, scientists strictly indulged in gravity, space, locomotive, energy…
    Only with advent of capitalism, focus was evened out with emphasis also on tooth brush design, stain removers, instant noodles…”– LOVED ! & I am one of those loved science, read and now work in one of those domains you mentioned..;)

    • To be honest. A similar downtime for me too. Mind’s numb and blank and is loving it. How mean is that?! and so kind of you to drop by, write me this beautiful review. Thank you very much Archita. By the way, I never had friends working in one of those domains. You know what I mean. I got one now, hurray! I can tell at home. Don’t think I’m a fool…;)

  13. Tell me how science ( and creating new things with engineering and mathematics πŸ˜‰ ) can have any connection with poems and darn brilliant pictures?! :)..Bad question !.:D..

    I won’t judge anything ..but your photographs are so beautiful ( less than your deep creative writing though) and I actually hope to click something that beautiful ,in next 20 years, maybe..:)

    • A bad answer it deserves though. Engineering, mathematics, poems, pictures AND PHILOSOPHY (I consciously did not mention it in my post, just), I believe are deeply connected. There’s a harmony in there though capitalism today prohibits us to venture out, think out of the box, is dumbing down our capabilities but a picture/poem of yours can lead a thinking mind to E = MC triangle…

      Your pictures are You and I love them.

    • oops! The first line should be read like “Tell me how science ( and creating new things with engineering and mathematics ) can have any connection with judging your poems and darn brilliant pictures?! “…sorry for eating up other words! :D.. But, I agree with you first indian comment..somehow , that’s the reason I don’t write on India -based subjects ..It’s difficult for certain reasons..Arjun, btw, do you have pictures clicked in Mumbai? I miss the city a lot.:) Would have visited through your pictures. TC & keep posting good things:)

  14. I know..while we’re modifying urban lifestyle..who knows when we can bring change in basic needs..! That line just touched ..and it’s not that we don’t know! Sometimes, knowing and understanding are not enough!
    That’s why I had to write that your writing style is brilliant :). Thank you ..:)

  15. “For centuries, scientists strictly indulged in gravity, space, locomotive, energy…
    Only with advent of capitalism, focus was evened out with emphasis also on tooth brush design, stain removers, instant noodles…”
    What a brilliant post.
    It’s all good though.
    We are saving lives and saving the planet.
    How do you spell facetious?

    • Read it plain and simple, I’m counting benefits of capitalism.
      But you’re taking it too far. Saving lives, planet with the list of stuff, I mentioned or perhaps you’re confusing advancement of science with ignorant consumption. I mentioned tooth brush, stain remover, instant noodle not just randomly but I picked them for a reason. Use of plastic, dyes and chemicals, fertilizers in crops, preservatives in food…
      Now I could add links to news reports and articles to prove my point but I’ll refrain. I suppose what’s bothering you is other stuff in there. You, I expect to read between the lines. I’ve always observed self-restraint in my writings and not sensationalism but a disguise, I love to use them…

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