I stay in her house when I visit Ladakh. Her son is my dear friend though he doesn’t approve of my relationship with her. She is fond of me, very much and ditto. As of date, I’ve secured a few mother figures to compensate for one, she’s a special one. There was no water supply for three days and you need the water in the storage tank for cooking and bathing, leaves behind dirty linen unattended and that’s a reason suffice for the wayfarer to set out in the afternoon, hunt a spot by the banks of Indus river, make us wash our clothes on rocks and it was an event.
A picture of her after she wrapped.

44 thoughts on “Dynamo

  1. It seems there are always hurdles in relationships. Sometimes they stay, sometimes go away. But one never knows until they keep taking baby steps and communicate and find a middle ground
    Best of wishes

  2. grande contrasto tra la rudezza della roccia e la morbida fluiditΓ  delle nuvole che scorrono pur nel fermo immagine
    molto apprezzata

    great contrast between the harshness of the rock and the soft fluidity of clouds flowing while still image
    much appreciated

  3. Dynamo, a great description, and such a striking photo… she looks/sounds a very strong and independent spirit Arjun, one of those people you feel enhance your life, .. and ’tis an honour to know…. As I now do through your sharing….Many thanks… xPenx

  4. We find kindred spirits in the most unexpected of places. Life is too short to worry about approval or disapproval. She looks lovely – I’m happy she’s touched your soul. πŸ™‚

  5. Great photo of an interesting looking woman!! And interesting piece. Not that uncommon for a son to be wanting the attentions of his Mom to himself. Comments interesting, too. Someone making comments about Sicilians and I am Siciliana so careful. πŸ˜‰ Didn’t know you have a daughter. All the intriguing story of Arjun!

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