“Do what you have to. Conventionally, I’d ask, are your tools sterilized? I won’t. Thing is, I worked hard to get here and it occurred to me, why are birds so conniving and ill-mannered? I like your Balaclava”

52 thoughts on “Posthumous

    • Must have been interesting for you to meet many barbers on your frequent travels though in he profile pictures it seems you eventually gave up. What happened?

      • I was a hippie for many years, at least in appearance. Then I got tired of having hair long enough to tuck in my trousers, and got it styled. But Mother Nature came along, cleared the forest somewhat, and anything but the close-cropped look, which I can do myself, emphasizes the baldness atop my pate.

    • I don’t know the artist nor the head. Just came across this place during my travel. Emotive head and they both seem to be in a meditative conversation. I imagine something similar when you create art pieces. Do you talk to them?

  1. Ill mannered birds.. . through doing what’s natural they make such a statement without even knowing …. What a wonderfully sculpted face Arjun, … that look of … serenity?.. nope.. can’t quite put my finger on it, …. Great capture though, …and seems as if you’ve created many questions now needing answers… The Face looks familiar, but then not… and the balaclava? . I now want one . 😉 xPenx

    • Birds are naughty and they love to poke us. They fly away if you step closer not just cause they’re afraid, they tease us. I feed them in my house and they trouble me. I have to change water for their drinking, thrice a day. They bring odd stuff, bones especially, clean it in the container, then take a bite, don’t like it, drop it in, for me to clean. In summers, I have to fill it ten times in a day. They use it as bathtub. That’s fun to watch.

      • they are a treat to watch, I have a bird table, two layered, . with a little holding square for a porcelain dish of water,… . Wood Pigeons, Black Birds Robins etc.. all come and it’s absorbing to watch them .. Feathered friends, who must look on us as constant feeders, yet something not of their flight-ed world… Just bought a bird bath, with a little frog who spouts water via a solar panel, looks as if he’s being sick !!! … but as yet, no birds have bathed….

  2. The conversation with God at judgement? I’m trying to work in the posthumous–after-death, and the image. I am wondering if I need to know WHO is depicted in the sculpture.
    I thought that the maker used the clay to make and at death has unmade, simple.

    • Conversation with his maker.
      I don’t know who the guy is, must be a politician, well known personality hence his statue, that’s the assumption and I prefer the anonymity to write his thoughts, at least here.
      It’s an ordinary picture but has a vibe..

    • I overdo it, that’s bad. I love it and I want to moderate. I’m a different guy under the influence, so romantic, so child-like, so pretty pretty, ask the mirror if you don’t trust me, though the world thinks otherwise 🙂
      I got no other vice………..anymore. That’s it.

          • his? God’s? To tell you the truth, the imaginative little girl in me first read interpreted your liquid diet as a bunch of healthy juices and fatless soups that very ill or very fat people do….. and I was worried you might be sick :p

          • Ah, right, of course…I have an adorable beer belly. No other issues yet 🙂
            God it is. That is another theory of who he is for me. I believe he never came on earth in flesh and blood. Some other time we’ll catch up with that.

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