The Guard

queen in her isolate room
her waning life, capsuled
been long, she stepped out

pictures of her vernal bliss
framed to calm her fading sight
mirrors condemned
queen scorned
they are mean

Man on the door
trades her world…
his watchful eyes
on the young queen
strolling in the palace gardens
first day of his job
since then…

she knew it all along
but prefers the sanity
of unspoken madness
Her antsy heart, pounds
for a trivial reason
and he awaits
outside her walls, uptight
“when will you call?”


36 thoughts on “The Guard

  1. My dear, the poet read his words blowing and winging, often difficult to understand even for those who act in their mother tongue, so often the great translators of poetic works are considered almost as much as the poet himself.
    Often, we read with the eyes of the heart, and that’s fine and remains in harmony with what has been read.
    I hope to be able to make myself understood.
    do you smile

    • Questo è esattamente quello che faccio. Ho letto le tue poesie ancora e ancora, cerco di trovare la sua anima.
      E ‘divertente, come la decodifica del tesoro nascosto e devo portare alla luce.

  2. ìand now I come to your Queen, which still awaits the passage of the seasons on the edge of an enchanted life
    I love your photos that have a great inner expressiveness
    happy night

  3. faded youth, painful, when memories linger of a different time. Wonderful first scene, and how to describe the feeling in response to the latter?.. Whistle blown, no second chance?.. x

  4. A melancholy tone– a sad trajectory of lines of the lives portrayed. Loved “Her antsy heart, pounds
    for a trivial reason” and the poor man, waiting at the gates, perhaps blowing a whistle.

    • The castle guards alert/announce aloud/play instruments as per the customs appointed and the palace inhabitants would know, what time of the day it is and all is fine.

  5. “she knew it all along
    but prefers the sanity
    of unspoken madness”…
    What a beautiful unspoken genious madness of poem… I can’t tell you how happy I am that you share this beauty. And dear, I hope you’ll never stop.

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