She walks down the street
every evening at 5 sharp
I stood at different spots, rather posed
But her foxy eyes never acknowledged me
That drove me mad, so mad
One day, I blocked her way
and said “Why don’t ya look at me?”
She frowned “silly bear”
And walked away…

Later that night
I remembered
A girl in 4th grade
Called me – silly bear
She asked me to open the cap of her pen
I broke the pen into two and gave it back

83 thoughts on “tête-à-tête

    • Ah, I like that very much “Always lovely Problems”….Great thought for a poem, I should attempt writing one.
      Thank you Massi. Good to see you back. I hope you had a great vacation.

  1. All men are silly bears Arjun, not just you! That’s why we love them. A very enjoyable poem. Hope you are well 🙂

    • Ha Ha..Being a poet, turned out to be no advantage but an affirmation, no doubts whatsoever for them or me. Blessed are ones who never figure out 🙂
      I’m well, very well…and you? I read on your last post, other bloggers too are of the opinion you should post more often. I say Post not Write cause I believe it’s stacked in somewhere. I’m sure there’s one about your encounter(s) with the Silly World.

      • Ah yes, lots of writing stacked away, waiting for its moment – but pesky life gets in the way! Maybe in old age there will be more free time; but somehow I doubt it 🙂

  2. l’ho trovata molto piacevolmente ironica, le piccole cose incidono a volte molto più delle grandi nei ricordi

    I found it very pleasantly quirky small things are sometimes a lot more great memories
    Thank you

  3. From the mountains, to the tiny grains of sand, the camel through the eye of the needle. Life, a wonderful tapestry to be worn? a saddle? both?

  4. I love the mood your create out of the inner workings of your brilliant mind. You give us glimpses inside something which is fascinating. Most of you pieces create the same mood. I can’t give a name to it but I feel like I am in the movies watching a film noir film. Well, not all your pieces. Your poem on your daughter was not film noir.

    Great picture of the camel. Maybe he eyes you eyeing the girl and the song playing should be the “Girl from Impanema” by Carlos Jobim and Astrud Gilberto singing. It starts in Portugese and goes to English. Listen below.

        • That’s the tragedy. No one lends me stuff 🙂
          Except for 2 or 3 titles. Movies and books that have inspired me.
          We shall keep it mutual. I say so cause I like your pad and would love to spend time in there 🙂

          • 🙂 I wouldn’t like others’ stuff anyways, but I do enclose music that inspires me with my photos though I haven’t composed or played it ;). Can I correct the accents on the word tete?

          • In fact, I did listen to the music on your new post.
            I’d love to but believe me I don’t know how to use most widgets in here.
            Please do tell.

  5. Perhaps you (the guy in the poem anyway) had a crush with the girl from that early in school but also difficulty to express it! Don’t they say that the boys that hit girls at school actually have feelings for them? 😉

    • Absolutely and a guy can never pull himself away from that memory cause in most cases, he never approached.
      I did but as late as when they were married with kids. Lol. That didn’t deter me, thanks to a few drinks that did the trick. They laughed, thankfully and said the obvious except for one girl whom I still have to find. Why say now? is another story, for some other time. Thank you for coming by.

  6. For starters you could increase number of replies to comments per post :D. You don’t have to pick up any groceries, but please don’t call me Ma’am 😆

  7. 🙂 What a great poem Arjun. You keep outdoing yourself. The picture means novels, the title is great, the poem has so many meanings as well… and reading the comments was another treat… The images you create are absolutely fabulous, the most powerful being the feeling that love can make you stand silly or numb or feel exposed like a child…Briliant. Bravo. 😀

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