49 thoughts on “Adagio – IV

        • “Always lovely problems” and “Other lovely problems”.
          I’m much obliged. In spite of all, you still come by, write me beautiful comments. You are a true friend.
          Take your time Massi. Keep smiling.

    • Bittersweet it is and thankfully it’s the woman holding the guy’s hand, so romantic. Isn’t it? Take another look. Now, If it was the other way round…Oh no!

      • It would make my heartstrings beat as happy, melodic and content either way. It is just one of those feel good images as much as it could be very sad. You always pose provocative thoughts in your images and prose. I like that. Makes me think. The rust on that one brain cell gets cleaned for another day. πŸ˜‰

  1. Beautiful! Though I don’t see it as sad since you can see the love and connection that they share… like it is hard for them to part, but they will be back together after counting the seconds. Very romantic… and nice that you can put yourself in their place.

    • Temporary separation restores love, I agree and I don’t see everything that is sad as sad. We like being in that state, in awareness….gives us more depth of stuff than otherwise.

  2. A photograph beautiful in its simplicity and powerful in conveyance of emotions. I say plural because it can convey several feelings which makes it so great. Really professional! Really top notch! No words necessary, yet tells thousands of stories.

  3. Wonderful! I thought than right away as I saw it. I thought there will be more wonderfulness in the writing, but there is none. & that seems right. The photo says enough. And leaves a sweet place for a bit of imagination…

    • Wordless.
      Thought let me tell you what happened then. I was where the camera is and I was doing my best to hide, take this picture, I did but they saw me, like they sensed it. I’m guilty of breaking the trance-like state they were in and let me tell you, I’m now a pro at “Oops…I’m sorry look” and thankfully the lady blushed. You know how it is with Indian women when they’re caught romancing with their husbands, of course πŸ™‚
      The train took off and the lady and me were waving her man goodbye…Awesome.

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