74 thoughts on “Word

  1. se lo spirito di Dio di muove in me,. traspare dalla semplice bellezza delle parole
    si percepisce in questo scatto straordinario

    If the spirit of God moves me. transpires from the simple beauty of words
    you feel amazing in this shot

  2. Interesting reply. I wonder where she got the water from too – if that was difficult.

    I love how you bring these people into the world to be seen. I would never come across such as this woman. You’ve got a great blog, Arjun.

    • You’re very kind Sharon. I think I’ve found a way to redeem the mediocrity, emptiness in me by finding beautiful, resolved souls such as this one and I’ve found friends here to share this amazing journey. I’m glad we are connected.
      Thank you very much for your compassionate response. It feels great.

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