The Salad Guy

IMG_4057 copy

It took a couple of seconds but then it struck me in a flash. I was driving at a speed of 70 on a remote state highway passing through the outskirts of a tiny Indian village.

I backed my car, went over, asked him to cut me a fresh bowl. “Dude, you’ve styled your hair?!”

“Brylcreem” He snorted “By the way, Mister, there ain’t much left on your head” (That’s the picture moment)

“Ahem…I’m a writer”

“Quit it. I love to chop but in a restaurant kitchen, the oven heat and closed room messes my hair. So I’m here in the open. Got it?”

75 thoughts on “The Salad Guy

  1. He surely knows what he wants to do in life and his priorities. πŸ™‚ Where did you find him? I have never seen an open sky salad stall in India. In Mumbai, I purchased sprouts salad outside our park. You captured his happiness so nicely, Arjun.

  2. Such a juicy morsel of wisdom in this young man– as engaging as his smile. Wise beyond his years, he knows freedom and, thus, happiness. And you got it all with cutting brevity. Bravo!

  3. Are you on facebook? I have posted pictures from my trip to Boston, where I met with my Mother’s family

    I have some ideas for a couple of stories, and I am re-writing a novel that I had serialized, but I have been undergoing turmoil in my personal life. I regret not writing you for so long, but I have been looking at your site

  4. Thank you for following my blog Arjun, I am scrolling through the wonderful photos on yours. Gorgeous photo of abundant joy in this boy’s face, and the simple wisdom in his words is a lesson to note. Love the colourful salad too. Look forward to reading your ‘stuff’. Blessings.

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