The Artist


He paints. The mural behind is his collaborative effort along with a fellow artist. He said “I got two bits of advice for you. If you don’t make it big, you’ll end up like me. Don’t. And if you don’t lie, you won’t make it big”.

“I don’t understand”

“If you have it in you, soon before you know you’ll have to sell your soul that is if you have it in you. And if that moment of trade is not in sight, work towards making one”

Right opposite the wall is his shop. I glanced at his creations for sale for a few bucks. Indian gods, birds, animals on postcards, intricate work, decent stuff. He told me about a well-known local artist, dead, left plenty blank drawing sheets autographed, for his son who now hires random guys to do the rest.

“I structure my photo essays not sure if I want to make it interesting but I do feel a sense of duty to protect the person in my portrait…”

“That’s a start” He smiled

“So long”

69 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Nice Portrait Arjun and truly said that an Artist art is needed to be protected and appreciated.. πŸ™‚

    P.S.–I don’t know Arjun whether interpreted it properly or not,but read it 3 times and the above line shows my Interpretation..I will be happy if you explain me had I made any mistake.. πŸ˜€

  2. In truth is reality. In reality lies sorrow. Sorrow can either crush or affirm the spirit. I read this and decided that I must embrace sorrow, for failure cannot be dictated by anyone outside…

    (…this makes sense to me?)

    • I’m a photographer. I carry an extra set of battery and lens, no make-up or accessories, no costumes, no assistants. I travel extensive, walk 10 kms a day, this is all that I do, retired at 34 and India is a land of distinct and vibrant characters. Please visit http://www……… and book your tickets now πŸ˜€

      • Yes, with all this time on your hands, what are you to do but walk for 10 km πŸ˜€ So, he planted those hair in his ears himself. A very picturesque character!

  3. Good post. I think we all need lessons in life, love, hardships and truth. It opens my awareness and mind to being more kind, more merciful, more understanding. And that is a good thing. Take care of that hangover friend πŸ˜‰
    With heart and laughter Yisraela

    • No talent David but this is my new journey. To find interesting people, I barely manage 2-3 such characters in a month hence the number of posts have gone down but this will be my theme for next 12-15 months.

  4. A great portrait of this spirited character who’s undoubtedly found his niche in life! I believe he knows who he is and why, and I can see him adapting his ways to whoever comes to his shop or his school. Did you take a cooking class too while there?

    • Absolutely. What I find interesting since we last spoke, is that I feel obliged that they allow me to take their pictures, a notion I did not experience before (Earlier, I would slyly shoot and vanish), an unspoken trust that I’ll never misuse these pictures or show them in a bad light but be honest and meaningful in the interactions I have with them. I don’t know what lies in future but I belong to them and they to me and this new sense of belonging is a beautiful experience, I’m elated.
      Not sure if I made sense but I owe an explanation to you, always will. Thank you Sir!!

  5. Frowning at the idea of selling soul for ANYTHING. I think an artist does only what the soul speaks(at least during the creation or expression of the art) and thus cannot do nor be anything other than what he or she is, in that moment. There are lies of purpose, and then there are lies that are simply the inner things that rush through us on the way to a choice.

    • Wise words from Elisa, I’ve yearned for, for a very very long time and finally…’ve obliged me. I read this again and again and I’m smitten. This is you, every word of it!!

  6. You have a real talent in putting people at ease and bringing out their best– both visually and verbally. I really love this series of photos and interviews with people.
    P.S. This comment is coming so late because somehow WP deleted my subscription to your blog. I was wondering what happened to you. I am sorry.

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