The Clown

When I was a lad
There came a circus in town
Acrobats and a juggler
Midgets and a magician
Lions and a clown…
I went with my folks
Oh, what a show
I wanted more

With friends, I sneaked in
On a packed Friday night
This time the clown
Picked me
Funny tricks he played on me
Poked fun of me
He performed each show
A routine of his
I knew the drill

Finally, the clown turns the prank on himself
His final act
He howled and cried
Beat his chest
Audience cracked up
The roars of laughter faraway
And the clown in tears
Next to me…

Lights fade out
End of show.

57 thoughts on “The Clown

  1. Wonderful imagery and words, both intertwined so well. Tears and laughter, such a finely drawn line between the two. fade out, end of show., brings forth sadness, creating tears that flow. xxxx

  2. Hello Arjun

    Loved the piece.

    Did you perchance have thoughts of Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker somewhere playing in your mind? The Clown nay Joker achieves mastery of making others laugh and be happy.Does the vocation in some way obliterate the fact that he also is a human with his regrets and sadness ?


    • I’m in awe of your new website. Kudos. The pictures, paintings, text, layout..Brilliant work Ellen. I wish you great success and I pray all your dreams come true!!
      A big hug to you!

      • Thanks so much, Arjun! The website is based on a template. I have no big dreams to do with the website except hope to help out in the financial dept.

        Find my work okay, just okay. Your work, on the other hand, is very high level and I hope you have big dreams for it that will come true!

        And I found the website Live Encounters with your published writings. You never said you were published. Great stuff! Have you done movies, too? Am not on Facebook so can’t investigate your work there.

        Thanks so much for looking and for your kind comments.

        Hugs, Ellen

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