The Candy Man


Fun guy, he loves kids and they adore him. He keeps away from grownups, they too.


46 thoughts on “The Candy Man

  1. of course i am the cynical retired-shrink……
    “loves kids, avoids adults, runs a canday shop.”
    accompany your kids to the candy store.
    of course this is in my country, where you have to accompany kids everywhere.
    kinda sad isn’t it? that i view the candyman with suspiscion…….

    • It can’t go worse than this. Isn’t it? I hope soon we’ll take a turn about. It is always a circle, I’m told.
      ‘Cynical’ you are, but thanks to a few posts of yours that are imprinted on my mind, an over-statement, but I wish to claim, I’ve had a glimpse of who you are, hiding behind blooms and birds….Cynical you are, i wonder if that’s the reason you travel extensively, wander some say, soul-searching?!, in your case for others, self if no takers, who says you’ve retired?

    • I lack alertness, a fluke who finds most stories not on ground but after a few days, on my laptop. There must be god, for aspiring photographers at least, thank god I took one ‘sweet’ picture of this man if not sit next to him and find more of his life.

  2. Is that you Bagga ? Finally one photo of the owner of this interested lovely blog, and candy man or not children are beautiful they are our future 🙂 !

  3. straightforward, he’s the CaNDY mAN, (i HIT THE cAPS LOCK BY mISTAKE, AH ME OH MY, 🙂 )

    • Thinking of you too my friend. and looking at your post dates wondering how your time is being filled. Whereas I know how I fill mine, (kettle boiling n’ suchlike) you are missed of that I am absolutely sure,
      may inspiration bear,
      it’s utmost for you and me
      this 2014th year
      now how’s about a hot coffee? xx

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