46 thoughts on “The Candy Man

  1. of course i am the cynical retired-shrink……
    “loves kids, avoids adults, runs a canday shop.”
    accompany your kids to the candy store.
    of course this is in my country, where you have to accompany kids everywhere.
    kinda sad isn’t it? that i view the candyman with suspiscion…….

    • It can’t go worse than this. Isn’t it? I hope soon we’ll take a turn about. It is always a circle, I’m told.
      ‘Cynical’ you are, but thanks to a few posts of yours that are imprinted on my mind, an over-statement, but I wish to claim, I’ve had a glimpse of who you are, hiding behind blooms and birds….Cynical you are, i wonder if that’s the reason you travel extensively, wander some say, soul-searching?!, in your case for others, self if no takers, who says you’ve retired?

    • I lack alertness, a fluke who finds most stories not on ground but after a few days, on my laptop. There must be god, for aspiring photographers at least, thank god I took one ‘sweet’ picture of this man if not sit next to him and find more of his life.

  2. straightforward, he’s the CaNDY mAN, (i HIT THE cAPS LOCK BY mISTAKE, AH ME OH MY, 🙂 )

    • Thinking of you too my friend. and looking at your post dates wondering how your time is being filled. Whereas I know how I fill mine, (kettle boiling n’ suchlike) you are missed of that I am absolutely sure,
      may inspiration bear,
      it’s utmost for you and me
      this 2014th year
      now how’s about a hot coffee? xx

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