A Good Day


Though I wonder if she ever does think of the moment the way I do, that day, sunny afternoon, I photographed her and she let me.
I skipped my rule #1 : Be discreet, shoot and walk away rather I chose to play fair which is rare, my rule #2 : Ask when you darn sure they won’t refuse.
She utterly refused though not for long perhaps she anticipated I’ll just stand there sulking all day and trust me I’m quite good at it..

46 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. And she looks so happy about it. I can understand why you persisted. The contrast with the white is amazing. (Best word I could dredge up this early in the morning)

  2. Somehow I didn’t get this one until finding it now. What a rich character and wise face and you got it all! Thanks for the like on my current post. Likes from you are treasured. Maybe in my next life I can come back and do photos like yours and earn a living doing Indian dance. My dreams that will never be realized in this life. But I have to be good now. 😐

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