54 thoughts on “House by a Lake

  1. I had to do a second look, since my first look said “it’s a house next to a sky” but then I wondered what was blowing around and then realized it was a reflection. A great photo!

    • My apologies Ellen…Still catching up and my pace is pathetic, so out of tune right now….This picture especially reminds me of your work, you’ve perfected over time. “Maya”

      • Hi dear Friend– no apologies. You don’t seem out of tune at all– a self-criticism? An enormous compliment, saying this reminds of my work. Thank you and, of course, Maya. Namaste!

          • Yeah, that’s honest and that’s admirable. But I will willingly give you a compliment: You don’t seem out of it at all. Your photography is right there. Maybe the words aren’t, but they come and go I find whereas photography is somehow more accessible. In any case, I hope you are okay. xx

  2. Wow. An inspired capture. Beautiful.
    I have thoughts on reflections, vibrations, quantum physics. I believe that those that can see, and hear, the vibrations of our dense human matter are being transformed, welcomed.

    • I’m so glad to hear that you and do know, I don’t really get too excited about compliments from anyone else but you!
      I’ve been visiting your blog everyday and I return speechless. Don’t mind me say, you are brilliant in your lows and I need a straight head for your recent post. I’ll never match up to you and that’s very good!!

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