61 thoughts on “People

    • Their battles are unique and they had no qualms about breaking rules, we are talking about survival here and the kid I’m most hopeful about…though I’ve given him my phone number but his picture infuses faith in me every time I look at him. Lol

  1. I think it was Richard Guest who wrote in a previous comment that you photograph with your heart. And I add, you capture the soul. These are great, each with their defining personal characteristics.

  2. You’ll have work to do with that one, but if successful, it will be worth it, such energy to recognize and then to direct–in an ‘appropriate’ direction I would hope. Sharp as that tack in his ear. What to do with that tack?

  3. Well done Arjun-my favorite is of the young man at the top-he appears to have a real sense of worldliness in his eyes-but all the portraits are wonderful and crackle with energy and life-

  4. Great, interesting portraits. Makes me think that in the personal story of the money lender , there is an astute businesswoman behind that smile!

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