A retired bank clerk and a proud father of two sons, both are currently practicing medicine.
No complains, got more than I deserve, he said but his bunny teeth, took me a couple of shots till he gave way.

“Persistence pays”
He smiled.

I think he looks quite cute with them. Can’t imagine him otherwise. In fact it’s our flaws that make us unique and when we accept them, the world follows or perhaps doesn’t matter.
He’s perfect, we’re perfect.

45 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. He does look cute, Arjun, and smiling at life and, through your lens, at us. . We should all be so happy eh? Life is what you make if it and he’s made me smile in response to his happiness. xPenx

    • Human conditioning. We can’t smile for no reason and we’ll find reasons enough to feel sad but we are survivors and you pointed out our biggest threat in your poem ‘Untitled’

    • Everyone is fighting a battle, some harsher ones. I hope they make through, set an example for humanity, change the course of our history. Looking forward to your next book!

  2. A wonderful portrait of a beautiful man Arjun…. so much relationship and trust in this photo. I’m also taken by the background…it is a perfect compliment.

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