23 thoughts on “Redux

  1. Is this purposeful juxtaposition of discrete elements to convey a non-specific message to an arbitrary audience, or simply a nonsensical whimsy (like this comment) for momentary entertainment? :> I like your work, Arjun.

    • This is nonsense. You got me. Good nonsense though. You made it good, real good with your comment. Ha Ha..

      Anyway, three months back I wondered nothing makes sense and I came up with a motto “Stay dumb….be amazed” and It has worked. Problem is that has bruised my ego. I perhaps in the process wanted to prove that thought wrong and there is something somewhere some person that would change the idea. I failed again. Quite dumb I am.

      • Failure is the staircase to better things. I was going to say ‘success’, but I HATE that word. If you are smart enough to stay dumb for a good purpose, I salute you. Ego is fickle. Keep doing what you’re doing. Quite talented you are. (Why are we talking like Yoda?)

  2. Arjun
    I love this blog. It is so simple and yet so full of emotions. Very good
    Sorry I have not been on line every day and am so behind. But I think of you and and wish you well in my heart mind and spirit.

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