64 thoughts on “Raindrop

  1. Arjun it’s always a pleasure to come across your posts and I love this one. You have a great knack of shooting and choosing the right photograph! I believe you have what they call “the x factor”
    Hope the road trip went well (are you still on it!)

    • After 36 days, 7130 kms on the Indian roads, every body part hurts, brain is numb and your soothing words of appreciation is just what the doc recommended.
      I’m back Peter and overwhelmed. Thank you very much!!

    • Thank you very much Diana.
      She’s been wearing it for decades, I suppose. Eventually it becomes part of you. It’s not just a piece of jewelry for them but a tradition.

  2. A wise woman of great beauty who cares not what the world thinks, methinks. She has such a gentle soul behind her eyes. Thank you for your moving offerings of life right in front of us all!

  3. The woman looks gorgeous in her old age as well. The four lines create a poem on the ocean waves. She’s someone who’s been through so many rains and lived on… Just like an ocean, so many waves and standing strong… Love it.

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