After flitting through myriad experiences from running a bakery to gambling, Arjun was eventually chased out of his hometown. He says “There seemed but one option. Armed with an unreserved ticket, half pack of cheap filtered cigarettes, I landed in Mumbai. Here I drank, smoked, spending days doing odd jobs and nights in bars and dark alleys. One crazy night, I picked up a pen…”

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    • πŸ™‚ I am struggling to be a good writer. I view my surroundings, hear voices from a writer’s perspective. Thanks to a camera which I carry along, these are mere captured moments, I encountered. (I don’t know how to use photoshop, that proves I am not a photographer at first place..hahaha).
      Turning point in my life is to be here on a blog and meet amazing talented artists and spirited souls like you

  1. Thank you, Arjan, but bear in mind: We have all had to start somewhere – sometime and each and everyone has struggled to the position he/she is in today! And – you may only do your best! Nobody (and I really mean ‘nobody’) may ask you to do more!
    By always doing your best, you’ll steadily improve in doing whatever you are doing. And one day sombody will leave a comment at your doorstep – just like you did today πŸ™‚

    There is a small secret here: When you’re sitting by the table with your pen poised –
    What would you haved liked to read? In this very moment? What? Write it down!
    Then use a couple of minutes to think through whether it could be phrased even better?
    Then you have just written the first line in your new essay! πŸ™‚

    • This is it. My turning point. Meeting souls like you. Not a single day passes by without hearing a good advice, a pat on my back, a like, a motivating comment. Makes me so humble.
      Sir, Your advice will go a long way in building my confidence and finding out what is right or should be re-written. I do feel unsure about my essays and poems and each time I press publish my hands shake, I shiver.
      Thank you Sir.

  2. Your so welcome! Perhaps one day in another 50 years from now, you’ll be passing the word to another soul that needs a pat on the back and a small gentle push.
    Always remember: A man that doesn ‘t dare to take a step forward in this world, will get nowhere!
    Said in another way:
    If you don’t dare to step out of a a corner, you’ll never discover the possibilities ahead!
    And you know you can do it!!!

  3. Salaam.

    Many thanks for visiting The Baby And The Bathwater. I am sincerely grateful.

    Having just met you, so to speak, I find a wealth of information to further the endless process of my education, for which I am also grateful. So, like it our not, you can probably expect to hear more from me than you may care to.

    And Arjun, since your Life matters to me, as does all Life, suicide by cigarettes is a very poor choice.

    • Salaam Richard

      Thank you.

      Many friends I found here, particularly obliged to ones who supported me since the inception of my blog. You though, I must tell have painstakingly read most of my posts and your heart-felt comments is what gives me or any writer true solace and a reason to exist.

      Do believe, I would not like to imagine my journey here on without your love and support.

      And yes, I have been writing since last 4 years, some of my posts are old ones. Smoking, I quit 6 months back. I hope this will comfort you.

      Warm Regards


  4. Well Arjun, the knowledge that you have quit smoking is very welcome indeed.

    I could agree with your speculation regarding how much of your work I have read but that would be deceptive and I have no desire to deceive you.

    There is an energy, a spirit, in your words and images that is very quickly evident. It conveys a strong sense of honesty and trust.

    After 66 years of survival, I will trust that sense until you give me reason to do otherwise.

    So, no, I don’t think I have read nearly all your posts…yet. But I will be working on it.

    I have a very large family. The family name is Human Race. As far as I am able, I offer my Love and support freely to all its members. I see no reason why I should make an exception in your case.


  5. Arjun , I don’t know if your into awards but you are one of my nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award! The rules for the award will be on my next post. Thanks for all your comments they are much appreciated. Scottie.

    • Scottie, I am a newbie on wordpress, 2 months of blogging and I need to put in some time, I think a year from now, is when I should feel worthy of awards.
      Meantime, I wish to make friends, know their art, learn.
      Thank you though for considering me. It’s an honor, I have your support and love.


    • I’m still in awe of the constant change and surprises it throws up. Damn! I love it..
      My apologies for late reply. I was off the grid last 2 odd weeks.
      Warm Regards

  6. …ethereal words….my favourite? here it is….”somewhere, far, far away…far away from wrongdoers and the righteous…far away from the angels…there is a field….someday, i will meet you there…”

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking my photos! I appreciate it very much. I’ve enjoyed my visit here – your blog has a comfortable familiarity to it. πŸ˜€

  8. Ahoy Cap’n! I really like your posts (if it wasn’t for my uni fleecing me in the name of a wifi network, I’d even be liking them more often, y’know) and I’d love to see you answer questions.
    Pictures and words. They seem like two different worlds, yet lie closest to each other. When did you start clicking pictures? Was it writing first and then photography?

    The link, senor : )

    • Hey Ritika,
      Your words resonate with your dazzling face, fingers running over the keys, your eyes rise up and return to the screen. Ha Ha!
      Writing came first, 4 years back but closely followed with photography. One kicking the other alive and since then I’m at their helm.
      I checked out the challenge on your blog but my participation is futile. I have no plans for a book. Nothing in progress.
      My apologies if I have disappointed you. I promise to make up though, some way or the other. πŸ™‚

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